Prof. Zheng Gongcheng Leads A Group To Korea For The 15th International Social Security Conference
(2019-09-18 08:09:38)

From September 7th to the 9th, 2019, Zheng Gongcheng, the president of The China Association of Social Security and Professor of Renmin University of China, led a group of 30 people to Korea for The 15th International Social Security Conference.

On the morning of September 7th, the 15th International Social Security Conference has its opening ceremony.  Zheng Gongcheng, Korean Vice-Premier and professors from Japan and Great Britain all gave reports.

Zheng Gongcheng’s topic was “The Practical Logic of China Rising Economy and Social Security Development – Innovative Economy and Shared Development.” In his speech he used eight graphs to show the rise in economy and social security development of China in the past 40 years.

After the conference, Zheng Gongcheng and Korea’s Vice-Premier continued taking, they introduced to each other the innovations and development plans in their countries. They both agreed that China and Korea with the elder population increasing, the future work situation may be challenging, so China and Korea must learn from each other and work together to take on this challenge.Zheng Gongcheng and members from Korea and Japan discussing the future economic, social, and cultural developments between the three countries.

On September 10th, The Korean Health Social Institute and The China Association of Social Security held a conference in Seoul. Zheng Gongchengong again represented China at the conference and gave a speech on “China Social Securities Reformation and Development”.

That day, Zheng Gongcheng also spoke with a Senior official of Korean government on Chinese and Korean social security development and medial insurance matters.

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