A New Start For The Freshmen At Renmin University of China
(2019-09-13 18:09:18)

On September 11th, Renmin University of China (RUC) put on a 2019-2020 Opening Ceremony for all freshman Undergraduate, Master and PhD students. Over 8800 students from around the world turned to the first page in the book of college life. The Chairwoman of the RUC University Council Jin Nuo, President Liu Wei and other teachers, parents and staff from different departments gave speeches to motivate students for the years ahead.

Jin Nuo represented RUC to welcome the new 2019 students. She first gave her thanks to all the students’ parents and teachers for all of their hard work. She then stated these are the “Golden Years” of the students’ lives, and in this new golden age for China students should have more confidence.

Jin Nuo gave students three hopes for the future. First, being to work hard to better oneself a “small self” and create a positive new honor for oneself. Second, being to create a “big self” and have big hopes and goals for the future. Third, being to create an “unselfish self”, do more for others and have love and respect for all people.

President Liu Wei gave a National Honor Commencement to Professor Wei Xinghua and Professor Gao Mingxuan.

Professor Gao Mingxuan talked about his memories of college life, and said RUC is a great university with a great history. Also, with a great honor comes a great responsibility.

The student representative, a 2016 student from the School of International Studies, Yang Mingcong, welcomed the new students. He hopes all students cherish the years ahead in the new journey about to begin.

The new student representative, a 2019 student from the School of Communications and Journalism, Wang Rui, said she is proud to be a new student at RUC.

The Middle School representative, President Liu Weichao from Ya Li Middle School, said he hopes all young students will grow to become greatly skilled students with great wonderful lives.

After the ceremony, Jin Nuo gave students their “first class”. She said students must always remember their origins and never forget their life goals. In order to achieve these goals students need to work hard, have clear thoughts, and always stay active.

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