Deputy-President DU Peng Leads a Team of Representatives to Ireland, Switzerland and Italy and Takes Part in Confucius Institute Activities
(2019-03-16 21:03:01)

Over the period of March 10th-15th deputy-President of RUC DU Peng led a team of representatives to visit Dublin University in Ireland, Geneva University in Switzerland and Bologna University in Italy. He opened and attended council meetings for the Confucius Institutes (CI) at each University on the route.

At the CI council meeting at Dublin University, plans were discussed for Chinese language and culture lessons in 2019, and DU Peng presented books to the CI on behalf of RUC.

At the CI council meeting at Geneva University, DU Peng and his team heard how Chinese language classes and academic activities had met with approval from staff and students alike.


At the CI council meeting at Bologna University, DU Peng and his team audited three CI lessons and visited the classrooms specially reserved for Chinese language teaching. At the Kinder College’s experimental Chinese teaching class, students performed Chinese dance, martial arts and musical performances for their guests.

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