Fun Activities Held to Celebrate International Women’s Day for Staff at RUC
(2019-03-08 16:03:27)

A “Sport’s Day” activity was held on the 6th of March for members of teaching staff, celebrating the occasion of International Women’s Day. The event was held at the Century Hall, the main sporting facility at RUC. Party Secretary JIN Nuo, deputy Party Secretary and Union President WU Fulai were in attendance at the event, whilst 52 union sub-divisions took part in the sports, with 2000 entries in various events recorded.

WU Fulai addressed the female staff members in the opening ceremony, expressing his best wishes and gratitude to the staff for their hard work in the past year and contributions towards the professional development of the school. He also expressed his hope that the sports activities would encourage the spirit of health and enjoyment at work for all participants.

Secretary JIN Nuo announces the opening of the games.

The sub-division groups gathered together took part in events such as ping-pong, relay races, hula-hoop competitions and group skipping events, taking part energetically in the spirit of competition. The active participants showed their fine physical state of  health and hearty cooperation between team members, whilst the audience cheered them on with energy and vigour.

Sporting events for International Women’s Day has become a tradition at RUC that has been upheld for fourteen years now, eventually becoming a major annual event for staff that promotes health and fitness amongst its participants. Looking forward to the event, sub-divisions took part in practices on the run-up to the day itself, including warm-ups and rehearsals. There were a record-breaking number of participants this year. The “Sports Day” event opens a series of campus activities to promote health and fitness as well as events aimed at caring for female staff in particular.

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