RUC Leadership Joins New Year’s Eve Celebrations on Campus
(2018-12-30 14:12:42)

On the evening of the 29th of December, looking forward to the approaching New Year, RUC’s Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, ZHENG Shuiquan and RUC vice-President ZHU Xinkai along with other members of management visited the Sunshine Rooms at Zhixing NO. 5 Building (some of the rooms available for the use and study purposes of RUC students). They brought with them best wishes and seasonal greetings, as well as New Year’s gifts for the students there. They also expressed their thanks for the mentors that remained at their posts for the benefits of the students during the holiday period. The study rooms were filled with seasonal fun, and staff and students enjoyed the festive atmosphere together.

ZHENG Shuiquan chatted with the students there, asking after their plans for the holiday and what they had learned from the past year, encouraging them to keep up the good work in the coming year. ZHU Xinkai added that at the end of 2018, the New Year represented a new start and new opportunities. He expressed his hope that the students would make the best use of their time in the year to come.


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