New Books Released by the Israeli Branch of the Renmin University Publishing House to Coincide with the Spring and Autumn Annals of Master Yan Conference
(2018-10-14 19:10:08)

Over the 8-9th October new books were released by the Israeli branch of the Renmin University Publishing House to coincide with the Spring and Autumn Annals of Master Yan Conference held at Renmin University China (RUC) this week.

Director of the National Publishing Fund CHEN Yaming along with representatives from RUC and the Confucius Institute in China, and professors from Tel Aviv University (TAU) Profs. Yoav ARIEL, Asaf GOLDSCHMIDT and Director WU Yang representing the Confucius Institute at TAU and vice-Dean of the School of Chinese Classics, ZHUGE Yibing attended the event hosted by LI Yongqiang, Head of Renmin University Publishing.

Following the book release event, the academic conference began with Profs. Yoav ARIEL, Andrew PLAKS and Roger AMES giving presentations on “Dialogue with Ancient China”.

Professor ARIEL began his presentation comparing the melody of two pieces of classical music, and used this theme to explore the idea of commonalities between Hebrew and Chinese classics, touching upon such works as the Annals of Master Yan, the Analects, Mencius and Waiting for Godot in his wide-reaching talk.  

Professor PLAKS gave a detailed presentation on the Annals of Master Yan, offering new insights into the status of ‘Master’ awarded to its author and whether Master Yan should be considered a Confucian or Mohist scholar.

Professor AMES discussed the transmission, interpretation and status of the Analects from the perspectives of translation and hermeneutics and presented his own conclusion that Confucius could be seen as a process philosopher.

Over the course of the conference that lasted for two days, participating scholars from China and abroad discussed the Annals of Master Yan from the varied perspectives of philosophy, history, bibliographic studies and textual analysis. Their methods encompassed findings from the latest excavated texts to re-examine this transmitted pre-Qin Master’s text. At the same time the conference allowed its participants to explore how comparative research might be done effectively in this new and ever more international age that we live in.


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