Five Teachers from Renmin University of China are Named Pioneers of Teaching Excellence
(2018-10-09 19:10:14)

Recently various branches of the Beijing Municipal Education Committee held an event in honour of teaching staff named as pioneers of teaching excellence. Amongst those teachers selected, five came from Renmin University China (RUC), including YANG Huilin of the School of Literature, FENG Shaohua of the School of Journalism and Communication, ZHANG Wei of the Physics Department, HU Jinguang of the School of Law and TONG Shixiang of the RUC Affiliated Secondary School. All were awarded the honorary titles of pioneers of teaching excellence in Beijing.


Teaching excellence and moral accomplishment has been the subject of keen interest in recent years, and has been discussed by key political leaders as well. RUC has taken onboard comments and suggestions made by the Municipal Committee in April 2018, and undertaken to perform evaluative steps, including applications, suggestions and internal evaluations to present candidates for the awards. The final result of this process being five of our excellent teaching staff being entered for consideration for these awards. These five candidates all have lengthy teaching experience and have all shown their commitment to teaching and research. It is hoped that with such pioneering spirits at the fore, the teaching staff as a whole will be encouraged to focus on teaching excellence and moral development in their work.

Award Recipients:

YANG Huilin is a Professor at the School of Literature and PhD advisor. With 28 years teaching experience, Professor YANG has proven himself a teacher who is strict with himself and kind to others, focused on his students and his teaching work at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

FENG Shaohua is an Associate Professor at the School of Journalism and Communication, aside from his teaching work has remained closely associated with  actual work in the field of media. Notably, Professor FENG has kept an unbroken diary record of his teaching for over 10 years as well as publishing parts of it on the internet, encouraging discussion online and in the classroom.

ZHANG Wei is a Professor at the Physics Department, using leading techniques for teaching from home and abroad, and widely collecting much material he produces his own interesting and captivating multi-media classroom presentations suited to all levels of learning and aimed at inspiring the academic interests of his students.

HU Jinguang is a Professor at the School of Law, who advises over one hundred postgraduate students and has received a national award for outstanding work as a PhD thesis advisor. During his term as vice-Dean of the Department he dedicated much time and energy to actively improving admissions and training within the Department.

TONG Shixiang, a Member of the Advanced Teaching Staff at the RUC affiliated secondary school is a teacher dedicated to research and teaching. With many years of teaching experience he has developed his own theories on education and is much appreciated by his students, having been awarded first prize in a national competition for teaching in Chinese literature.

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