2018 RUC Senior Alumni Gathering held at RUC
(2018-09-21 15:09:49)

On 17th September the 2018 Senior Alumni Gathering for alumni from RUC’s Senior Alumni Assembly was held on campus at Renmin University China (RUC).  25 senior alumni joined happily together for the event, at which the youngest attendee was aged 89 and the eldest, the grand age of 98.

The SPS/NCUU Alumni Assembly was established in 1995 and is made up jointly of alumni from Shaanbei Public School (SPS) and North China United University (NCUU). In 2005 the Alumni Assembly voted to change its name to the RUC Alumni Assembly. NCUU was the first higher educaiton institution established by the Chinese Communist Party. In the nine years that it ran, it saw more than 8000 students graduate from its halls, who were directly involved in the war effort, and the politics, economics, education and culture of border territories, as well as the liberation of China itself. In 1948, NCUU combined with Northern University (NU) and the new entity was called North China University (NCU). In October 1950 this became the basis for the establishment of RUC, the first university of its kind in modern China.

Executive deputy secretary of the party committee Professor ZHANG Jianming delivered a speech for the party celebrating the impressive longevity of the senior alumni, whilst Professor WU Xiaoqiu acted as host. ZHANG Jianming represented senior management, staff and students at RUC in giving their best wishes to the senior alumni. He called to mind that NSPU and North China Union University (NCUU) were born in the tumultuous days of the Sino-Japanese war, all the alumni present had born witness to such days and made great sacrifices towards the establishment of modern China. He reminded us that these alumni are living treasures, whose struggles should never be forgotten, along with their pursuit of truth as is mentioned in our school motto “to seek truth from facts”, a spirit that we aim to continue. ZHANG Jianming presented to the senior alumni the most recent developments and aims of RUC, including the hope to become listed as a double first-class university in the future and what is being done to achieve that, as well as the building of a new campus located in the Tongzhou district of Beijing, all of which would be impossible without the continued support and assistance of our alumni, finally he extended an invitation to the senior alumni to return to the RUC campus whenever they want to, to witness RUC’s development and achievements.


Senior alumnus Professor CHANG Huangda shared memories of his youth spent at Union University. He also recalled that these parties for senior alumni have been held since the year 2001, so that this is the 18th year of such celebrations. The high numbers of attendance show how dearly the alumni feel about their alma mater. He expressed his wish that RUC would continue to develop and flourish, and that the alumni might enjoy continued good health and be in attendance to see each other again at next year’s party.

Another alumnus YE Zhou also shared his memories of attending NCUU and expressed his thanks to RUC for its continuing concern and care for its senior alumni. Whilst alumnus REN Hong led the alumni in singing the school anthem of NCUU, everyone joined in to the familiar tune with energy and emotion.



This year’s party was hosted by the RUC Alumni Assembly in association with the Alumni Office of RUC.

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