Renmin University of China Holds a Symposium to Learn From National Experts in the Field of Education
(2018-09-20 16:09:45)

On September 14th a symposium to learn from national experts in the field of education was held at Renmin University China (RUC). The symposium was organized jointly by the School of Education and the National Academy of Development and Strategy at RUC. The meeting was hosted by Vice-President LIU Yuanchun, with more than thirty experts, teachers and students from institutions such as the Research Centre for Educational Development at the Ministry of Education (MOE), Peking University (PKU), Capital Normal University (CNU) and RUC in attendance. Participants at the symposium explored in depth the speeches of Chairman XI Jinping at the National Conference on Education.

Important experts in attendance at the symposium include Researcher MA Luting of the Research Centre for Educational Development at the MOE, Professor LU Xiaodong of the School of Education at PKU, Professor TIAN Hanzu of the School of Education at CNU, from RUC, the Executive Director of the National Academy of Development and Strategy and Director of the Scientific Research Office YAN Jinming, Professor QIN Xuan of the School of Marxism, ZHANG Xiaojing, Secretary of the General Party branch of the School of Education, Vice-Presidents ZHOU Guangli, LI Liguo and Professors YU Guoliang and CAO Shujiang, amongst others.

As President LIU Yuanchun said, the aim of the symposium was to learn from and put into practice the ideas put forward at the National Conference on Education, including new ideas and strategies on educational methods. It is hoped that as a result of this symposium such new ideas might be promoted effectively and made well known to encourage development in education.

Other important topics under discussion included different conceptions of what it means to engage in work in the modern age and in the future, and how education should meet the challenges these changes present, the importance of educational issues with reference to China’s unique cultural, geographical and linguistic characteristics, and developing theories on education with Chinese characteristics.

Also under discussion were the direction of education in the future, the modernisation of educational management, and the development of talented persons. Attention was directed towards cultural and bureacratic issues concerning education and the resolution of Chinese issues, with reference to international techniques at use in the field. The importance of psychological care was another important topic discussed, as something that must be developed alongside educational concerns, as education faces multi-faceted challenges including the physical, emotional and moral development of students.

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