Renmin University of China Hosts the First “Seeking Truth” Meeting for Leading Talent in National Secondary Education
(2018-09-19 10:09:19)

From the 12th-13th  of September, Renmin University China (RUC) held the first ever session of the “Seeking Truth” meeting for leading talent in national secondary education. More than thirty principals of schools from various provinces including Anhui, Fujian, Guangdong, Hubei, Jilin and Jiangsu, amongst others, were in attendance.

LIU Wei, President of RUC, attended the opening ceremony and gave a welcome speech. Also in attendance were Vice-Presidents LIU Yuanchun, and DU Peng who chaired the meeting’s welcoming ceremony.



Having expressed a warm welcome to the principals of secondary schools at the meeting, President LIU Wei thanked them for the consistently high quality of students coming from their schools to attend RUC each year. LIU Wei pointed out that in the modern age and following recent developments, we must aim for ever higher standards in education as we strive for personal and social development. Progress is made in the field of education every day, with new policies appearing all the time, which presents a great challenge for those of us working in secondary and undergraduate education alike. It behooves us to increase interaction and communication between secondary and undergraduate education institutions to solve such issues as the methods and targets of further training. LIU Wei also shared information on the historical traditions of RUC, its teaching philosophy, departments and disciplines, and so on, and expressed his hope that RUC, as a school, could establish profound links with the leaders of secondary schools in the future.

During the meeting, the principals of secondary schools were invited to attend the welcome ceremony for freshmen students at RUC, with the headteacher of the Northeast Teaching University’s affiliated secondary school giving a speech on behalf of the attending secondary principals.

At the closing ceremony, Vice-President of RUC WU Xiaoqiu presented honorary certificates to the principals of each secondary school.

This meeting was primarily hosted by the entrance and employment offices of RUC, with assistance from the School of Further Education and the Secondary School affiliated with RUC. The aim of this meeting was to promote and strengthen ties between high achieving secondary schools and RUC, and to explore methods to enrich and vary the means of selecting students for higher education and to deepen communication on the discovery and development of talent in secondary and undergraduate institutions.

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