The 10th Anniversary of the Double Major Master’s Degree Program of RUC and Kyushu University
(2018-05-08 11:05:10)

On April 15th, the 10thAnniversary of the Double Major Master’s Degree Program of Renmin University and Kyushu University was held alongside the Sino-Japanese Economic Relations Academic Seminar in the main building. RUC Vice President DU Peng and Kyushu University Vice President Kiichiro Watanabe attended the event. Dean of the Economic Research Institute of Kyushu University Ikega Monda, RUC Vice Dean of the School of Economics and a former Associate Professor of the Institute of Economics WANG Jinbin, President of the International Institute of Economics of Kyushu University Kenji Iwata, Graduate School Professor of Economics of Kyushu University Jangda Taiping, Graduate School Professor of Economics of Kyushu University Masayuki Hakumi, Graduate School of Economic Engineering of Kyushu University Nihon Shojiro, Chairperson of the Institute’s Foreign Students PU Chuanfu, a Member of the International Exchange Committee of the Institute of Economic Research YE Huiming, an Honorary Professor of Kyushu University Professor Inoue Shinbo, International Exchange Professor CHUAN Meifen, and the Assistant Dean of School of Economics CHUN Hai, along with representatives of various professors also attended the event. WANG Jinbin, the Dean of School of Economics, presided over the event.

At the meeting, DU Peng welcomed the professors of Kyushu University and thanked the professors that had contributed to the project for more than a decade. He pointed out that Kyushu University occupies an important forefront position in academic research in Japan. The double-major project is an important way for both universities to jointly cultivate talents, and is also a bridge for academic exchanges. Since launching in 2008, the project has produced 32 excellent graduates, proving the project has achieved very fruitful results. He hopes that both sides will use this commemorative event as an opportunity to further enhance academic exchanges and deepen the cooperation to greater contribute to the Asian regional cooperation, and possibly even to worldwide exchanges and communications.

Kiichiro Watanabebegan by expressing his thanks to the RUC, then explained the current developments of Kyushu University, detailing improvements of their teaching and research programs as well as future potential developments. He introduced some well-known Chinese alumni of Kyushu University, reviewed the friendship and mutual trust between both school’s principals, and firmly stated that he believes that this project will continue for the next 20 years, if not longer.

Afterwards, Professor GAO Debu introduced the history of the establishment and development of the project, introducing Kyushu University as the first foreign university to contact and establish academic exchange relations with the Department of Economics of RUC. He stated that since the establishment of the relationship in 1985, the two schools have maintained a very close relationship. In 2008, RUC’s School of Economics and Kyushu University’s Institute of Economics formally signed a memorandum of cooperation for a double-major program, and in the ten years since the project was launched, Kyushu University made tremendous contributions to fund and produce 32 stellar students. Through this commemorative event, GAO summarized experiences of the past decade, explored various channels for exchanges and cooperation, and hoped to further promote the project for the next five years.

During his speech, Iwatani Mingdementioned several times about the existing mutual trust between the two schools, and believes that this commemorative event is extremely meaningful for the establishment and development for furthering the relationship between the universities. He then cited theories of American economists and foreign proverbs to illustrate the importance of trust and maintaining trust. He firmly believes that the project has progressed well, strengthening the trust between both schools, and expressed his expectation for the future of the project.

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