Shangdong University Vice President WANG Qilong visits RUC
(2018-05-04 11:05:42)

On April 9th, Shandong University Vice President WANG Qilong and his delegates visited Renmin University to discuss research ideas and exchanged views on issues such as the further construction of humanities and social sciences, as well as personnel training. RUC Vice President WANG Liming met with Wang Qilong and his delegates, and presided over the forum.

WANG Liming welcomed WANG Qilong and his delegates, and briefly introduced the development of the humanities and social science disciplines of RUC and the related situation of the “double first-rate” construction. He said that as a major university providing higher education in the humanities and social sciences, RUC has been unique in the field of humanities and social sciences since its establishment 80 years ago, and has made important contributions towards the development and prosperity of China’s philosophy and social sciences. He believes that Renmin University should, on the basis of reviewing previous experiences in running schools, further stimulate the academic vitality of the humanities and social sciences, and continuously develop their academics by providing attention to the understanding of the world so students can inherit civility, innovate theories, and even consult political education. This requires both teachers and students to work together and also provide a mutual learning experience. Shandong University and Renmin University have a good cooperative base, and so far have worked closely in subject development, faculty development, and personnel training. He hopes that the two universities can further deepen and promote their existing cooperation to an even higher level.

WANG Qilong stated that Shandong University is the second national university established in China after the Beijing Capital University, and is also the first university in China to operate according to its constitution. In more than one hundred years since its founding, Shandong University has always adhered to the mission of “reserving talents for the world” and providing “wealth and prosperity for the country”. It has practiced school mottos like having “an endless learning and awe-inspiring” program, and has now developed a long successful history. As one of the most comprehensive universities in China, Shandong University has a 12-course program covering various subjects. In the field of humanities and social sciences, it has also formed its own advantages and characteristics, but still faces many difficulties. WANG stated that he hopes to deepen exchanges and cooperation with Renmin University, learn from valuable teaching experiences, and jointly promote the achievements of Shandong University and RUC.

At the symposium, both sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the research evaluation and incentive program for the humanities and social sciences field, discussed how to further cultivate talent, create a new support policy, future academic exchange organizations and support mechanisms, and how to go about developing high-end academic platforms for think tanks, databases, and liberal arts laboratories.

Dean of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences of Shandong University XING Ruanjun, Associate Dean of the Institute of Advanced Studies of Confucianism and Professor of Cheung Kong Scholars DU Zexun, Dean of School of Culture Communication at Weihai Campus and Director of the Related Faculty ZHANG Hongjun, RUC Director of the School Office WU Xiaojing, Deputy Director of the Research Office and Deputy Director of the Office of the Leading Group of Talents WANG Fan, VP of the School of Economics ZHENG Xinye, Associate Dean of the Law School ZHANG Xiang, and Associate Dean of the School of Journalism ZHAO Yunze also attended the forum.

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