RUC Delegates Visit the Innovation Exhibit of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
(2018-05-02 11:05:09)

On the morning of March 19th, in order to enrich the learning style of the RUC students, broaden the vision of RUC staff, innovate new work ideas, and enhance the understanding of the country’s implementation of innovation-driven development strategies, RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo, RUC Deputy Secretary ZHANG Jianming, and RUC Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee WU Fulai led a group of delegates to the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Documentation and Information Center to visit their Innovation Exhibit.

The Director of the Administration of the Chinese Academy of Sciences GU Quan, Deputy Secretary of the Committee of the Administrative Commission of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee HU Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Information Technology HE Lin, Deputy Director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Documentation and Information Center PAN Yamiao, Executive Center of the Institute of Literature and Information Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences CHANG Yanglin, members of the RUC School Office and the head of the Department of the Ministry of Education attended the event.

The Innovation Exhibit is located on the second floor of the Document and Information Center, and exhibited innovative ideas such as “showcasing the achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to demonstrate the results of the university”, while comprehensively utilizing various advanced popular science methods and displays. This method vividly demonstrated the major progression and new achievements made since the 18th National Congress of the People’s Republic of China, since Secretary General XI Jinping himself visited the university back in July 17, 2013.

RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo pointed out that in the party’s report on the 19thCongress, Secretary General XI outlined a blueprint for the future of innovation and development, which motivated everyone to create a new era geared towards building an innovative country. As the first university established by the Communist Party of China, RUC must keep in mind the university’s responsibilities and mission, which was to promote traditions while striving towards building world-class universities so that first-class degrees will be able to forge greater contributions to the prosperity and development of China.

After the visit, all the delegates stated that they truly appreciated the innovative achievements made by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in recent years. They sincerely feel pride for making scientific and technological advances for the country, and the visit showed them that they are also able to become an exemplary role through hard work and determination for the country’s cause.

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