School Unions express gratitude towards model workers
(2018-05-14 10:05:46)

In order to carry forth the spirit of model workers and create a strong atmosphere for learning about, respecting, caring for and fighting for model workers, labor unions from various departments in RUC expressed their gratitude towards them on the eve of the May 1st International Labor Day.

For many years, the school has been concerned with the labor model groups and has conscientiously implemented an overall deployment of the labor model work by the Party and the government and the higher level trade unions. School leaders also visit the model workers through various forms every year, extend greetings to them and thank them for their contributions to the development of the school. The model workers express their thanks in different ways, and all continuously support the future construction and development of the school. 83-year-old National Model Worker WANG Ziyun of the School of Social and Population Affairs specially wrote a thank-you note to express his gratitude to the school for its care for model workers and wrote about his ardent expectation for the university to become a world-class university in the future. He was particularly concerned with the school’s education model and the construction of the teacher’s morality and professionalism. He called for the implementation of rewarding both advanced and typical deeds to guide students into establishing correct values, and fully affirmed the work of the trade unions. He hopes the trade unions will have more jobs in teaching staff in the coming years. RUC Deputy Party Secretary, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and Chairman of the labor union WU Fulai expressed special thanks for the attention model workers paid towards the development of the school. He stated that the school union will continue to use the spirit of the model worker as their driving force to further enhance the sense of responsibility of staff members to continuously carry forth the hard work and spirit of forging ahead.

The report of the 19th CPC National Congress pointed out that the school should work towards building an army of knowledge-based and skill-based innovative workers to carry forth the spirit of model workers for their dedication and ethics of excellence. Promoting the spirit of model workers and caring for labor life is an important task for all school unions. Over the years, the school union has consistently expressed its gratitude towards the school workers. This year, a total of 29 model workers were sent flowers and holiday greeting cards expressing gratitude.

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