RUC Students Succeed in Mathematical Contest in Modeling in United States
(2018-05-26 16:05:43)

Recently, the results of the 2018 Mathematical Contest in Modeling/Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM) were announced, and Renmin University of China students won a total of 1 special award nomination (Finalist, Winner), 18 first prizes (Meritorious Winner), and 41 second prizes (Honorable Mention).

The American College Mathematical Modeling Contest (MCM/ICM) is a large-scale international science competition project and is the originator of all kinds of mathematical modeling contests. It focuses on research issues, originality of solutions, teamwork, communication, and rationality of results. The competition consists of three undergraduate students in one group. Within four days, the entire work from the establishment of the model, solution, verification to thesis writing was completed on the specified issues. In 2018, the contest attracted a total of 10,670 teams from 17 countries and regions including China, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

In all the participating teams of Renmin University of China, a total of 60 teams were awarded. Among them, the team composed of ZHAO Zekun (School of Information), MA Jiangnan (School of Statistics) and CHEN Hao (School of Business) won the Grand Prize Award (Finalist, Winner, the top 23 in the world), which RUC also won in 2014 and 2016. The number of teams who won first prizes  by the university increased from 13 teams in 2017 to 18 teams, gradually increasing year by year. Another 41 teams won second prizes, and the number of winning teams have continued to grow.

In recent years, the leaders and departments at all levels of the school have attached great importance to the subject knowledge contest and scientific and technological innovation activities of the mathematical modeling contest and have laid a solid foundation for the success of the mathematical modeling contest. The outstanding results of the competition are the results of the reform of the basic mathematics and computer courses at the Renmin University of China, and are also an important result of the “Mingde” personnel training program. RUC has found great success in these kinds of large-scale and international science and interdisciplinary competitions, demonstrating its strong support for the humanities and social sciences. It is the development philosophy of the “combination of liberal arts and sciences and diversity” of our university.

Below: Awards for the Finalist Winner and Meritorious Winner Awards, Special Awards, Renmin University of China, 2018

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