18th Wanshou Forum held at Renmin University
(2018-05-14 17:05:25)

On the morning of May 11th, the 18th Wanshou Forum was held at Renmin University of China. The forum was jointly sponsored by the International Liaison Department of the CPC Central Committee and Renmin University of China, and was organized by the Research Institute of RUC to study the Chinese Characteristics of Socialism. The theme of the Forum focused on “Marxism in the 21st Century and Chinese Characteristics of Socialism in the New Era of XI Jinping,” to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth and discuss the latest theories on Marxism in China and Marxism in South Africa.

President of RUC Research Institute on Marxism in the 21st Century and Chinese Characteristics of Socialism in the New Era of XI Jinping, QIN Xuan, presided over five delegates who delivered speeches on “China’s Roads and Development in Africa”. South Africa’s second deputy general secretary, Christopher Matrako, said that China has done a lot of practical work to promote the development of Africa and promote the mutual benefit of both parties. He hopes that the two sides will further deepen cooperation in the future. South Africa’s Politburo member Jennifer Schnaier introduced South Africa’s practice of promoting women’s development with Marxism, and hopes that both parties will strengthen cooperation in promoting women’s development in the future. Sheila Basel, a member of the Politburo of South Africa, believes that health issues are closely linked with the well-being of people and hope that the two countries will develop more cooperation in medicine in the future. GUO Jianning, deputy director of the Peking University Center for Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, explained China’s roads in terms of the basic characteristics of China’s roads, the Chinese roads’ implementation of Chinese logic, and the value and significance of China’s roads. RUC studies the new era of XI Jinping. Vice President TAO Wenzhao of the Institute of Socialist Studies with Chinese Characteristics elaborated on the basic principles of Chinese politics embodied in the 19th National Congress, the basic principles of China’s foreign relations, and the basic principles of China’s handling of China-Africa relations. RUC Vice President of the Institute for Socialist Studies with Chinese Characteristics, WANG Xiangming, commented that the exchanges and cooperation between China and Africa have broad prospects.

Under the chairmanship of ZHOU Guohui, six participants took part in the speech on “New China-Africa Cooperation and Political Party Responsibility.” South Africa’s Politburo member and Deputy Minister for Economic Development of South Africa, Madara Mussouku, said that the Communist Party of China and the South African Communist Party face common challenges and common responsibilities in eliminating poverty and eliminating inequality. South Africa will also be actively involved in relevant issues and play a greater role. South Africa’s Politburo member and deputy speaker of East Cape Provincial Parliament Brevard Tunisava said that China’s efforts to eradicate poverty, solve unemployment, and fight corruption are highly effective and hope to provide greater support and assistance for South Africa’s common work in the future. South Africa’s Politburo member Deepo Mvilaz mentioned that South Africa hopes to strengthen cooperation with China and other BRICS countries and promote the peaceful development of Africa and the world. South Africa’s Communist Party member and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa, Lechesa Zenoli, said that South Africa will continue to adhere to the localization of Marxism and hopes to work with the Communist Party of China to promote the development of Marxism. LI Zhongjie proposed that upholding and developing Marxism is a common responsibility of the Communist Party of China and the South African Communist Party and hopes both parties will advance Marxism with the development of the times. SHEN Minghao, a professor at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, mentioned that both China and South Africa are facing imbalances in economic development and emphasized the important role of infrastructure construction in the development of industrialization.

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