Nishan Forum on World Civilizations “The New Era of China and Building A Community of Human Destiny” Expert Talks Convene at RUC
(2017-12-11 15:12:05)

On December 7, Nishan Forum on World Civilizations “The New Era of China and Building A Community of Human Destiny” expert talks convene at RUC. RUC President, Nishan Forum Committee Vice Presdient LIU Wei, along with other important university leaders from around the world attended the talks.

In his speech, Liu Wei said at the 19th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping stated that the Chinese people are ready to work together with people of other countries to promote the building of a common fate of mankind, respect the diversity of civilizations in the world, and transcend the barriers of civilization by the exchange of civilizations; construction beyond the clash of civilizations, civilized coexistence beyond the superiority of civilization. As one of the initiators of Nishan Forum, Renmin University of China has always placed emphasis on applying the academic advantages and educational advantages of the humanities and social sciences to the teaching philosophy of recognizing the world, inheriting civilization and serving the society. Such determination and action are in line with the Nishan Forum in the development of world culture play an important role in the Chinese culture. Renmin University of China is willing to work to continue to shoulder the mission of the times and strive to become an important promoter and practitioner of China’s new era and the building of a community of human destiny.

The theme of Nishan Forum on World Civilization was dialogue among different world civilizations, an initiative started in April 2008 by XU Jialu, proposed to China Cultural Marks Advisory Committee at its first meeting, which has been successfully held for 4 sessions, referred to as the Nishan Forum. The Nishan Forum adheres to the concept of “beauty of all countries, beauty of people, beauty of togetherness, and common development of the world”. We will be open to the world and the future and carry out the interaction and exchange of different civilizations to safeguard the diversity of the world’s cultures and promote the cultural and mutual understanding, mutual respect, harmony and common development to strive to build and contribute to a harmonious society and harmonious world.

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