RUC and China Academy of Sciences sign a framework of cooperation agreement
(2017-11-02 17:11:08)

On October 25, RUC and China Academy of Sciences signed a framework of cooperation agreement. China Academy of Sciences President, China Engineering Institute ZHANG Boli, Party Committee Secretary, Vice President WANG Lian; RUC Dean LIU Wei, Committee Party Secretary ZHANG Jianming, and WANG Liming attended the signing ceremony. Before the event began, both sides met to discuss the mode of cooperation and personnel training, among other typical issues. The signing ceremony was presided over by ZHANG Jianming.

LIU Wei expressed that as the 19th ceremony convened, RUC and China Academy of Sciences discussed the importance of creating a framework for cooperation. Both universities had deep history and great resources and basis for cooperation, and while launching these cooperative programs, both sides have a high mutual respect, and invested and made great efforts. RUC is the newest model of university created and founded by the CPC, reflecting a new type of higher education. China Academy of Sciences has been established for more than 60 years. From the beginning, China Academy of Sciences has been an important educational institution, which has made great contributions in the field of TCM in traditional Chinese Medicine theory, severe diseases prevention and acts as Chinese medicine’s newest research development center, to cultivate outstanding academic talents such as research fellow Tu Youyou. RUC has strengths in social sciences and humanities, whereas China Academy of Sciences excels in Chinese medicine research, and thus under this new canvas, together they can put forth new publications and create a new discourse.

ZHANG Boli expressed, from the flames of revolution, from Shanbei Public School, China United University, to Huabei University, 80 years ago, in midst all of that, RUC has created a nation that breathes, that has life and strives to be at the forefront, equipped with both great human resources and very important roots. China Academy of Sciences and RUC have similar histories and traditions. From 1955 onwards, medicine was created and developed after resolving many core issues and clinical effectiveness improved, to expand and develop the research and development of Chinese Medicine, and now gaining much success. In the 19th ceremony and in this new era, we must bear this responsibility and continue to carry on these very important traditions.

LIU Wei and ZHANG Boli represented both sides in signing the framework of agreement.

Distinguished parties from both RUC and China Academy of Sciences attended the signing ceremony, such as Office Director FAN Xinrong, President and Office Director REN Caowei, RUC Office Director REN Gutao, and new building development REN Linjianrong, Research AN Zhiwei, Development Officer ZHAO Yulin, Beijing QIHUANG Center for TCM Development Fund GONG Xiaodong.


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