President LIU Wei meets with visiting President of Ain Shams University Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat
(2017-10-31 17:10:54)

On October 27, RUC President LIU Wei visited President of Ain Shams University Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat. Also accompanying the visit were School of Languages President, International Cooperation Director. RUC International Deputy Director LI Zhenshi, and Foreign Chinese Language Teaching Center Deputy Director participated in the talks where both sides discussed expanding Chinese language education and academic publications of RUC and Ain Shams University.

President LIU Wei welcomed President Abdel Wahab and delegation to RUC, and introduced its key disciplines, Chinese language teaching program, among other current developments. RUC is a new type of formal university that was established after new China’s construction, and is also China’s most famous comprehensive research university in humanities and social sciences. RUC recently celebrated its 80th anniversary, under which many talented graduates in the social sciences and humanities have matriculated. RUC’s foreign Chinese language is well-established and has deep roots in centuries-old cultural traditions, also established one of the earliest Chinese language curriculum for foreigners. RUC has a vast array of experience in promoting and teaching Chinese language at home and abroad. Along with the Belt and Road Initiative, there has been a rapid rise of interest in Chinese language study and research around the world. RUC hopes to leverage this opportunity to deepen and expand exchanges and cooperation in Chinese language education with Ain Shams University. President LIU also introduced RUC’s international short course programs and invited students to come to RUC to study.

President Abdel Wahab briefly presented Ain Shams University, which was established in 1950, and was the earliest university to set up a Chinese Department. Ain Shams University and RUC have a very similar academic structure anmong other similarities. He hopes that both universities can deepen ties and explore mutual areas for growth in exchanges and cooperation.

Afterwards, President LIU briefly introduced the Belt and Road academic publications alliance and invited Ain Shams University to join.

Ain Shams University is one of the most prestigious universities in the Middle East. It was established in 1950, and was the first university to set up a Chinese Department, and one of its core strengths is its Chinese language major. It acts as a teaching base for all other Chinese language institutions that have established Chinese departments in both the Middle East and Africa. In these past few years, Ain Shams University has cultivated many accomplished Egyptians experts in Chinese language and plays a significant role in promoting Chinese-Egyptian cultural education, exchanges, etc.

The Belt and Road Initiative publications alliance are under guidance of the State Council Information Office, National News Publication Agency, and Ministry of Education, with RUC launching the program, and many other national academia and publication organizations, academic publishing houses in cooperation. The Alliance was established on August 24th at RUC. Currently there are 30 nation-wide, with hundreds of publishing houses, academic organizations and professional groups who have joined. The purpose of the Alliance is to “share history and culture to carry forward the ancient Silk Road civilization”, to establish a mutually beneficial platform that actively engage others through translation, marketing, publishing, educational training and sharing resources. The Alliance promotes openness, cultural exchange with every nation, to create publishing cooperatives in higher education and research institutes, cultural organizations, and publishing enterprises.

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