Foreign Languages College MTI graduates 1st Interpretation Competition on Mainland and Taiwan
(2017-11-20 16:11:52)

The 7th Interpretation Competition for North China was held at Beijing Forestry University’s Graduate Center, with 62 participants from 4 provinces from North China. Foreign Languages College MTI (Translation expert) two graduate students ZENG Tiantian, ZHAO Ranran were in fierce competition during the elimination match. ZENG Tiantian used clear and concise language in the competition, and in the final moments showed off her skill and talent on-site, garnering 1st place, with ZHAO Ranran grabbing 3rd place in the North China competition.

JIANG Xiaoli (teacher), ZHAO Ranran (left), ZENG Tiantian (right)

Before the competition, Foreign Languages College MTI Education Center Professor JIANG Xiaoli prepared the competitors and explained the process, providing guidance for the students and a training plan. In the afternoon interpretation competition, ZENG Tiantian Group B was the 5th contestant to enter the afternoon interpretation competition and pass through to gain 1st place.

The competition was co-organized by Beijing Forestry University and Xiaomen University to demonstrate applications of English interpretation during competition between students. Each contestant had to demonstrate their high level of English, intercultural communication, on-site interpretation skills and ability to switch languages. This competition’s participants were extremely skilled and difference of points between contestants was very little. Foreign Languages University competitors demonstrated their professionalism in English language, interpretation and practical skills, as well as exploration in using these competitions as a basis to build up their language skills.

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