Worldwide Universities Network CEO John Hearn visits RUC
(2017-10-24 19:10:56)

On October 20th, RUC Vice President LIU Yuanchun met with visiting Worldwide Universities Network CEO John Hearn and delegation. In 2018, both sides organized the first Worldwide Universities Network Think Tank Summit to enter talks and negotiations.

RUC VP LIU described Worldwide Universities Network as an open, sharing and multi-lateral research cooperation platform. RUC hopes to develop joint think-tank and research programs though this platform and the networks’ cooperation with 22 world famous colleges and universities, as a basis for development of multi-level faculty visits and student exchanges, and continue to strengthen disciplines of international research by improving the level of internationalization and scientific research.

CEO John Hearns expressed that RUC has actively joined and participated in Worldwide Universities Network programs and activities, which has been an increasingly important part of policy leadership. He stated that this year in May, RUC VP LIU and delegation participated in the Summit, and represented RUC in building World Universities Network think-tanks, which was well received and gained notable support from many higher education institutes. World Universities Network took this opportunity to take the next steps in expanding its network and working together with RUC to expand its own research, think-tank cooperation, faculty visits, student exchanges and a number of other programs to contribute towards more sustainable world development.

RUC Research Department Deputy Director XU Qinhua, and RUC International Deputy Director CHENG Xin also participated in these talks.

World Universities Network was established in 2000, and is a scientific research, teaching, knowledge exchange and multi-disciplinary cooperative and globally recognized universities network. Through several seed funds, it has helped to strengthen world-famous higher education colleges and universities and their interdisciplinary cooperation, while simultaneously accelerating talks to resolve global issues facing mankind including climate change, public health, higher education and research, cultural awareness, and many others. Currently, World Universities Network has 22 members. RUC became a member of World Universities Network in July, 2016.

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