RUC establishes 14 “double first-rate” higher education disciplines
(2017-10-13 18:10:46)

Presently, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance and National Development and Reform Commission has established a list of “double first-rate” disciplines. There are 42 “double first-rate” universities, 36 of which are A-class, and 6 of which are B-class, and 95 “double first-rate” disciplines.

RUC as a “double first-rate” A-class higher institution has established 14 “double first-rate” disciplines including Philosophy, Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Law, Politics, Sociology, Theory of Marxism, Journalism and Communications, Chinese History, Statistics, Business Management, Agricultural & Forestry Economics & Management, Public Management, Library Information Sciences and Archives Management. Besides Statistics, all are humanities and social sciences disciplines.

RUC has started establishing 14 “double first-rate” disciplines which embody the State’s emphasis on philosophy and social sciences. The achievements and developments of RUC in the last 80 years will continue to encourage and garner recognition, and will also spur on more development, pushing RUC to continue to exceed expectations.

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