Beijing International Photography Week— “China’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs’ Photography Exhibition” held at RUC
(2017-10-17 17:10:32)

The 5th Beijing International Photography Week Organizing Committee invited Chinese entrepreneurs to join Entrepreneurs Photography Society of China (EPSC), to promote the top 100 successful entrepreneurs, and recognize these talented entrepreneurs in the photography art sphere, organizing the China’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs’ Photography Exhibition at RUC. This event was hosted by Ministry of Culture of People’s Republic of China and Beijing Municipal People’s Government, with RUC and 17 other institutions co-sponsoring the event, to help students engage in dialogue on economics and culture, and use figurative language to explain the cultural charms of “today and tomorrow”. The exhibition opened Oct. 13th at the RUC Library. EPSC Chairman YANG Yunxing and RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo attended the opening ceremonies, along with many other talented enterprises representing, media, students and teachers, with about 100 invited guests in attendance.

Participating enterprises were selected from a pool of elite photography nationwide, their works concerning China’s economy, cultural domain and various industries. The photography works of these enterprises all depict the bright future of “One Belt, One Road” economics and culture, local customs and practices, reflecting its majestic power and its cultural charm.

During the exhibition, the EPSC selected photos with the highest market value, very famous Chinese art pieces to place in the “online library” to sell and attract investors. These unique photography works were collected and stored at RUC Library and certificates were issued.

China’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs’ Photography Exhibition has already successfully been organized four times in Beijing, gathering together these excellent masterpieces for exhibition collection, exchange, and promotion of this huge event. And thus, the entrepreneurial community has been successful in allowing everyone to enjoy these beautiful works of art and appreciate culture.

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