RUC Chairman and Vice President ZHAO Hanqing visits and meets with university leaders
(2017-06-07 18:06:15)

On June 6, RUC Committee Deputy Secretary ZHANG Jianming, Managing Vice President WANG Liming, Vice President WU Xiaoqiu met with Hanqing International Group Chairman, Vice President ZHAO Hanqing. Both sides discussed continuing cooperation and exchange development.

Managing Deputy Secretary ZHANG Jianming thanked Chairman ZHAO Hanqing for his support in running RUC. He expressed, this year in welcoming the 80th anniversary, the university has led to the CPC to build a new type of higher education, with full support in “building a world-class institution together”, and speed up the establishment of the new campus in Tongzhou and Shenzhen, as well as through “supporting scholars’ plans” to progress to a new level, hoping that the President of the Council ZHAO Hanqing will readily support and watch over the future development of RUC.

Managing Vice President WANG Liming expressed, President of the Council ZHAO Hanqing’s passion for education inspires others. For the past 10 years, under ZHAO’s support, Hanqing Advanced Institutes of Economics and Finance have completed economy discipline reform and development of test fields, continuously improving how schools are run and its international influence, in economics, finance, research, and talent cultivation, already yielding great results. We hope that from today forward, Hanqing economics and financial higher research institutes can cultivate even more international acclaim and local passion for top-notch personnel.

President of the Council ZHAO Hanqing expressed, RUC has many abundant disciplines and great prestige, which has helped Hanqing economics and financial higher institutes build and develop a greater support. He hopes that after today’s cooperation, both sides can jointly strengthen exchanges, help each other, and that each can help to establish even more higher education development and contribution to both sides, and promote even more research projects in the next stage, to become a hub for academic talents and cultivation of innovators at RUC.

Deputy Director WU Xiaoqiu expressed, Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics and Finance has kept a foothold on RUC in economics and financial sector disciplines with its advantages, team construction, academic research, talent cultivation and different aspects which have achieved outstanding results. We hope that from now on, both sides will continue to expand and have deeper cooperation, jointly promoting research and development of future projects.

RUC Office Director GU Tao, Education Fund Deputy Secretary WANG Zhicheng, Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics and Finance Director WANG Changyun, and Deputy Director TAO Ran accompanied the visit.


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