University of Sussex Delegation Visits RUC
(2017-03-28 08:03:02)

On March 22, RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo visited with University of Sussex Vice Chancellor Adam Tickell, Pro-Vice Chancellor Michael Davies and delegation.

Chairwoman JIN Nuo on behalf of RUC warmly welcomed the University of Sussex delegation and briefly introduced the current programs of cooperation between the two universities. She affirmed that RUC is a nationally recognized humanities and social sciences university, known for its theoretical economics, applied economics, politics, law, journalism, sociology, statistics, public administration, business administration, ranked #1 nationally for nine disciplines. It is an esteemed university, uniquely positioned among national higher education systems. She addressed however, that both universities are here to take this opportunity to continue to have in-depth discussion in regard to different levels of cooperation, exchanges, and the next steps for expanding collaboration.

University of Sussex Vice Chancellor extended his thanks for the warm reception from RUC. He then briefly introduced the current advancements and progress of University of Sussex in different respective disciplines and fully affirmed the achievements in student development, international exchanges, scientific research, among other aspects resulting from cooperation between the two universities. Further, he hopes to strengthen existing cooperation between the two universities and move forward in developing even more cooperation and exchange.

RUC School of Business President MAO Jiye, School of Economics Vice President DENG Xinye, RUC International Deputy Director General CHENG Xinye, and other notable RUC representatives attended the talks.

After the meeting, the delegation toured the RUC garden, and informally discussed cooperation with relevant parties including the School of Business and School of Economics.

University of Sussex was established in 1961, famously fostering three Nobel Laureates, 14 members of the British Royal Academy of Science, 12 members of the British Royal Academy of Social Sciences, and winner of the acclaimed and highly prestigious Crafoord Prize in Ecology. In 2016, among QS World universities, Sussex University was voted #1 in research development. RUC and University of Sussex signed a cooperation agreement in May 2009, and after renewing their agreement in 2015, has continued to expand their collaboration.

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