Forum on Developing the RUC Humanistic Beijing (Humanistic Olympics) Studies Center Convened
(2017-03-27 08:03:41)

On March 19, The forum on developing the RUC Humanistic Beijing (Humanistic Olympics) Study Center convened in Beijing, “enhancing culture for the development of Beijing” — RUC Humanistic Beijing (Humanistic Olympics) Study Center Forum, to explore its development in Beijing and discuss the development of the study center. DPP Vice President LIU Xincheng, Beijing Winter Olympics Overall Planning Department Vice Minister YU Hong, RUC Vice President, LIU Yuanchun, Director of Humanistic Beijing (Humanistic Olympics) Study Center FENG Huiling, Director of the Confucius Institute at Peking University GAN Chunsong, Beijing Normal University Professor LIU Yong, and many representatives from universities and research institutions, along with more than more than 30 researchers and journalists attended the meeting.

RUC Vice President, LIU Yuanchun read out the committee member list, while nominations were made. The CPC Vice-Chairman LIU Xincheng and offered to be appointed Chairman of the Committee, Professor Feng Huiling offered to be Deputy Committee Chairman; Professors GAN Chunsong, LIU Yong, HUANG Yaling, HUANG Xingtao, and CCTV journalist Wang Xiaojie offered to be department heads. RUC VP LIU Yuanchun sent letters of appointments.

Director of Humanistic Beijing (Humanistic Olympics) Study Center FENG Huiling read the list of researchers and sent letters of appointment to newly appointed Research Center Director WEI Na and Vice Director GE Chenhong.

Subsequently, Professor FENG reported on the Research Center’s work and plans for the future. She spoke on a variety of issues regarding orientation, and report and evaluation standards among other issues. There is also hope that future developments, both short and long-term research, will result in links in scientific research and personnel training, that by pooling together resources, high level interdisciplinary research teams could be created in Beijing.

Beijing Winter Olympics Overall Planning Department Vice Minister YU Hong believes that the advocacy role of the upcoming Winter Olympics should not be underestimated, and was yet another opportunity to showcase Chinese culture to the world, thus the Research Center should seize this opportunity to make a difference.

DPP Vice President LIU Xincheng revealed that the research center has already made great strides and will enter a new era, where universities will make great efforts to support interdisciplinary academics, humanities and cultural research, and continue to create systems and mechanisms for innovation to engender a great environment for administration and scientific research.

Prior to the Conference, the forum for the development of the Humanistic Beijing (Humanistic Olympics) Study Center convened on March 18, the Committee convened its first plenary meeting, elected Professor LIU Xincheng as Chairman, Professor FENG as Vice Chairman, and then followed regulations for the Research Center. On the 19th, a meeting with researchers was held where Director FENG announced a Director, Executive Director, and the Deputy Director of the Division of Labour, where the Executive Director puts forward the rights and obligations of the researchers.

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