RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo and Delegation Visit Langfang in Hebei
(2017-03-22 08:03:06)

On March 15th, RUC University Council Chairwoman JIN Nuo, RUC University Council Executive Deputy Chairman, Prof. ZHANG Jianming, RUC Vice President HE Yaomin, and delegation visited Langfang, Hebei to discuss further cooperation.

Secretary FENG Shaohui briefed the delegation on the current economic and social developments in Langfang. He noted RUC’s preponderance in humanities and social sciences, including in Marxist studies, and that it has been pivotal in fostering talented young people who will be the leaders of tomorrow. In recent years, Langfang has utilized its regional advantages, leveraging development opportunities to accelerate the construction of an innovation-driven economy, benefiting the city. Through emphasizing culture and industrial development in Langfang, and establishing good cooperation with many colleges and universities, he hopes to expand areas of cooperation with RUC and strengthen ties, to guarantee its full intellectual support for RUC in its endeavors by connecting RUC with Langfang’s best and brightest young people.

Following, RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo gave a brief history of RUC and its various academic achievements. She revealed that RUC University was the first university established by the Chinese Communist Party upholding the motto “learning for the people, in pursuit of patriotism.” RUC always strives for the best, always staying true to the Party and the State, giving priority to developing its research in the humanities and social sciences, founded in excellence in “literature, science, and engineering.” RUC has deep roots in Hebei province, and Langfang has maintained close ties with the university. RUC hopes to deepen its cooperation in Langfang, which has great future prospects, and hopes that the partnership will be mutually beneficial, to help Langfang continue its economic and social development and aid RUC to become a “Double First-rate” university.

Assistant to RUC President, LI Jiugao, East Campus Office Director JIAN Ronglin, Langfang Government Party Member WANG Kaijun, Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) ZHU Jianqiang, and other distinguished parties attended the discussion.

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