RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo Meets with Russian Ambassador to China
(2017-03-20 08:03:12)

On March 10, RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo met with Russian Ambassador to China, H.E. Dr. Andrey Denisov, to discuss promoting educational and cultural exchanges between RUC and Russian tertiary institutions.

RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo welcomed Ambassador H.E. Dr. Andrey Denisov’s to RUC. She shared that, over the years, RUC has maintained close ties with Russia and the former Soviet Union where Russian research and culture studies have held a unique historical tradition. In the 1950s, a large number of the former Soviet Union experts worked at RUC. Currently, RUC and Moscow State University (MGU), St. Petersburg State University (SPSU), and other top tertiary institutions in Russia have established great partnerships, jointly forming the RUC- St. Petersburg State University Research Center, promoting Sino-Russian friendship and peace. They gradually formed the State Council and Sino-Russian Committee for Friendship, Peace and Development and the Sino-Russian University Education Alliance, where they held Sino-Russian Economic Forums and other fora for high level exchanges between China and Russia. RUC encourages Russian students to attend its short courses and other programs of study.

Ambassador H.E. Dr. Andrey Denisov introduced the current Russian higher education system and expressed hope that this opportunity would further strengthen cooperation between Russia’s tertiary institutions, its research institutions and RUC, to foster think-tank research and strengthen ties between teachers and students. He demonstrated the rather long history of collaboration and cultural exchanges between RUC and Russian tertiary institutions in the field of education. The two countries jointly cultivated a number of talented Russian and Chinese linguists. Today’s education focuses not on the quantity of students, but the quality, cultivating master linguists who also specialize in another field of study.

The Eurasian Development Research Center of the State Council Director and China’s former Ambassador to Russia LI Fenglin, RUC International Office Director ZHANG Xiaojing, and RUC Russia Research Center Director GUAN Xueling, among other distinguished guests attended the meeting.

After the meeting, Ambassador H.E. Dr. Andrey Denisov participated in Phoenix TV’s special program organized by the international department for exchange at the RUC Russian Research Center, where students discussed Russia’s economy, culture, education, foreign policy and other topics.

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