RUC Holds Staff Fun Day in Celebration of International Women’s Day
(2017-03-08 08:03:05)

On the 1st of March, RUC held a staff fun day in celebration of International Women’s Day (the 8th of March), in the Shiji Guan. Over 2000 people attended to participate in the activities and competitions held on the day.

RUC University Council Chairwoman JIN Nuo, also the vice Chairwoman of the National Women’s Federation, was present at the event, as was vice Chairman WU Fulai, who wished everyone a happy day on behalf of the University. They also both took part in the activities such as the ‘3 minute and 8 seconds’ group jump rope challenge, as well as watching other people participate and cheering them on.

All of the competitors had great fun participating in the four events – ping pong, hula hoop, caterpillar race, and the 3:08s jump rope. In the end, the championship was divided four ways, going to the logistics and management team, the library team, the physical education team, and the commerce team.

This event marks the beginning of RUC’s 2017 celebrations in honour of international women’s day. These celebrations involve five separate activities for female staff members: participating in a fun day; viewing a film that deals with women’s issues; holding a lecture on women’s health; organising a women’s spring outing; and presenting a gift to women’s workers, all as a means of recognising women’s contribution to RUC.

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