Vice President of Japan’s Hitotsubashi University Calls on RUC
(2017-02-28 08:02:19)

On the morning of the 24th of February, RUC executive vice President WANG Liming met with vice President ZHONG Yecong, in order to discuss deepening and expanding intercollegiate collaboration. Members of Hitotsubashi University’s China Exchange Centre also attended the meeting.

Executive vice President WANG began the meeting by extending a warm welcome to vice President ZHONG. He noted that RUC is a comprehensive research university that focusses particularly on the humanities and social sciences, and has for a long time maintained a close relationship based on collaboration and exchange with Hitotsubashi University – especially in the fields of law, economics, and commerce. RUC has many teaching staff who are alumni of Hitotsubashi University, which has created a firm academic foundation for collaboration between the two universities. Both Universities are part of the SIGMA university programme, which helps greatly facilitate collaboration. He concluded by affirming RUC’s commitment to maintaining its relationship with Hitotsubashi University, in order to deepen research collaboration and staff and student exchanges.

Vice President ZHONG then expressed thanks to RUC. He noted that RUC and Hitotsubashi University both are strong in the fields of humanities and social sciences, with a long history of friendship. Hitotsubashi University strongly supports international exchanges, and he hopes that in the future that collaborative exchanges will be extended on the foundation already built in the fields of economics, law, and commerce.

Following the meeting, vice President ZHONG and delegation went on a tour of the campus, visiting the library, taking the time to continue their discussion.

RUC’s Professor CHEN Jian of the School of Economics, deputy director LI Zhenshi of the International Office, and professor YE Kangtao of the School of Commerce attended the meeting.

The SIGMA Universities initiative – short for Societal Impact and Global Management Alliance – was first established between Singapore Management University and Paris Dauphine University, aimed at promoting interdisciplinary education and facilitating research, and emphasises academic excellence and the social experiences of the students.

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