Vice President HONG Dayong Visits Returning Students and Inspects Classroom Preparation Work
(2017-02-20 08:02:11)

On the 17th of February, before the first day of the new semester, vice President HONG Dayong went to visit some of the students at their dormitory to call on the students as they returned from the winter holidays, to understand how they were progressing with their preparations for the new semester, and to pass on his best wishes for the new school term.

Vice President HONG and his entourage first called on Zhixing #2 dormitory to visit some students from the School of Finance, School of History and the School of International Studies. Vice President HONG inquired in detail about the students’ winter vacation and their classes in the new semester, and learned that some of the students participated in community activities during their holiday period. He was deeply moved that some of the students would devote their holiday period to helping their communities.

Following, vice President HONG moved on to Zhixing #5 dormitory to meet some students from the School of Labour and Human Resources and the School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development who had just returned to campus. Vice President HONG learned about their plans for the new semester, and encouraged the students to give the new semester their all and to take their studies seriously, and then expressed hope that they will achieve great academic results in the new semester.

On that day, vice President HONG also conducted an inspection on the preparation work conducted in the public teaching buildings two and three.

Vice President HONG met with those in charge of the building work, and learned of the progress of the work preparation, the infrastructure preparations, safety management, and ensuring a sound teaching environment, as well as inspecting the overall cleanliness of the environment, the quality of the seating and tables, and the conditions in the staff room.

Vice President HONG expressed approval that the work had been conducted according to plan and would be suitable for use in the spring teaching period, and that it would be a fitting complement to the existing facilities at the university.



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