RUC Holds “Meng Zhi Yun” Community Theatrical Festival
(2016-11-16 08:11:07)

On the 9th of November, the 2016 “Meng Zhi Yun” Community Theatrical Festival was held at RUC’s Mingde Hall.


Deputy Chairman of the RUC University Council WU Fulai was present, as well as members of the RUC Youth League, with almost a thousand students turning out to attend the performance.


This performance was divided into four sections, “Making Friends Through Academic Pursuit”, “Having Strength and Grace”, “All Rivers Run to the Sea”, and “In One’s Prime”, and it was a magnificent show. Performances were given by 20 students from the RUC troupe, as well as troupes from Minzu University of China, Beijing Language and Culture University, and Beijing Forestry University, providing a sumptuous visual and audio feast for the audience.



Sponsored by the Youth League of the RUC and organised by Student Community Federation, “Meng Zhi Yun” has, to this date, featured some amazing performances by the students over the 12 years that it has been running. This festival serves to showcase RUC student campus culture, representing the aspirations, dreams, and ambitions of the students. As next year is RUC’s 80th anniversary, the students are already starting preparations for next year’s festival, which promises to be spectacular!


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