Vice President WU Xiaoqiu Goes on Research Tour of School of Education, School of Finance
(2016-11-14 08:11:46)

On the 2nd and 10th of November, RUC Vice President WU Shaoqiu travelled to the School of Education and the School of Finance respectively in order to understand the Schools’ current circumstances and plans for the future, to learn the opinions and suggestions of the administrators and educators with regards discipline, development and staff concerns. Joining him on the research tour were the President’s assistant GUO Honglin and Deputy Director of the Personnel Office SONG Dongxia.

On the afternoon of the 2nd, acting Dean of the School of Education QIN Huimin, and Council Chair ZHANG Ru accompanied them on the research tour. Acting Dean QIN briefed them on the School’s progress with regards coursework, talent development, team-building, and scientific research.


Vice President WU gave three points of advice for the development of the School of Education. The first that in order to better develop the School, they must strengthen their plan of action. The School of Education is one of the newest Schools at RUC, it started well and has good facilities, so in order to promote development they must set an ambitious target to stay ahead of the trends, so that in 5-10 years they can strive to be in China’s top ten. The second point is to improve the learning environment, to build a pleasant working atmosphere, to bring all people in the School together, to promote harmonious coexistence and mutual support, and strive to ensure the happiness of everyone teaching in the School. The third is to recognise the importance of team-building, to create an environment conducive to fostering talented people, a goal that is also in accordance with the aims of the School. The School must develop a plan for team-building, create systems for people management, so that we can attract talent, keep talent, and realise the full potential of our talented people.

On the morning of the 10th, the Dean of the School of Finance GUO Qingwang, and Council Chairman JI Hongbo met with Vice President WU on the research tour. Dean GUO briefed him on the running of the School, with special attention given to the issues of course development, talent development, research, and reforms.


Vice President WU noted that the School of Finance is well known for its agreeable study conditions and atmosphere, and the supportive nature of the teaching staff, and that its students produce outstanding work, especially in the fields of finance and banking, making great contributions in these fields. He expressed hope that the School will continue with these fine efforts, maintaining its leading position. At the same time, the School must be prepared for any eventuality, constantly striving to maintain competitive in the face of change. In the field of finance, we must strengthen our base of talent, and attract talented youth; at the same time, we must make the most of RUC’s advantages in this field of learning, find what needs developing, become influential by producing exemplary education, and make a name for ourselves. The School must also strive to meet the University’s goal for team-building, to constantly improve the quality of teaching and research.

During the research tour, leaders and academic staff of the School of Education and the School of Finance gave advice and suggestions on such matters as talent development, attracting new junior academic staff, foundational theoretical research, reforms in the model of postgraduate student training, and student recruitment.

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