RUC Holds Completion Ceremony for African Journalists Undertaking “Research on China Development Studies and Media Exchange” Course
(2016-11-03 08:11:10)


On the morning of the 31st of October, RUC held a completion ceremony for the course “Research on China’s Development and Media Exchange.” The course was undertaken by 28 mainstream media journalists from 27 African countries. Director of the Office of Public Affairs, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, LIU Yutong, deputy Chairman of RUC’s School of Journalism ZHANG Huifeng and others were in attendance at the completion ceremony. The completion ceremony was hosted by Professor ZHONG Xin of the School of Journalism.

Professor YANG Huilin, Director LIU Yutong, Professor ZHANG Huifeng and Professor ZHONG Xin conferred the graduation awards on the 28 journalists.


Professor YANG Huilin gave a speech making note of how this course played an important role in promoting media exchanges between China and Africa, as well as in bringing together the people of China and Africa. Professor YANG concluded by congratulating all the journalists, expressing hope that this course would help them become better journalists and enable them to better relate the story of China’s development to Africa.


During the ceremony, Director LIU Yutong gave a speech in which he expressed his hope that this 10-month course run by RUC School of Journalism would enable African journalists to receive a novel and profound knowledge of China, that would enable them to engage in deeper investigative reports on China, so that they could understand the real China. He stated and that these activities would doubtless promote friendship between the people of Africa and China, and promote cooperative development. He also expressed his long-standing interest in Sino-African cooperation, relating stories of his experiences when he was posted to South Africa, sharing his positive experiences of the warmth and sincerity of African people.


Following, Professor ZHANG Huifeng delivered an oration in which he congratulated the participants on the completion of their course, extending his sincerest gratitude to all people who played a role in the successful running of the course. Professor ZHANG said that the School consistently recognises the importance of international exchange and cooperation, and hopes that this course has made a contribution to the improving standard of journalism within China and without, and looks forward to further opportunities of cooperation in the future between embassies, media outlets and Sino-African Media Exchange Centres.


Chief Editor of the Nigerian Sun Newspaper, Ikenna Emewu and editor for the Zambia Daily Mail Mwazipeza Chanda delivered a speech on behalf of the delegation of journalists.

Emewu acted as class leader of this delegation, and he expressed his sincerest gratitude towards Renmin University, the RUC School of Journalism and to Professor ZHONG Xin for all their hard work. He noted that prior to coming to China, they only knew China through what they had read in the media, but after 10 months of studying, reporting on, and conducting interviews in China for 10 months, they had a great opportunity to learn more about politics, economics, culture and society in China. He concluded by saying that all the journalists have learned a lot from and been inspired by China’s development experience, and that they would take this learning back home with them to the benefit of their home countries.


Following, Chanda emphasised how all the lecturers were extremely professional and experienced, that from this course they had greatly improved their journalistic skills, and that they will impart these experiences with their readership, so as to promote Sino-African friendship and mutually beneficial development. Chanda also expressed her gratitude to all involved, saying that it was an experience that will stay with her forever.


Before the start of the ceremony all participants recorded a short video reflecting on their experiences undertaking the course, with all of the Professors and Senior Media specialists expressing their hopes and wishes for the success of all participants.

The Sino-African Media Exchange Centre is a member of the China Public Diplomacy Association, their journalist exchange programs are established as part of the framework of the Sino-African Cooperation Forum, which is aimed at promoting cooperation and exchange between Sino-African news media. The course “Research in China Development Studies and Media Exchange” provided for African journalists began in 2014; in 2014 10 participants attended, and in this its third year it has grown to 28.

The RUC School of Journalism has held this training course twice, and it has proven a great success among African journalists. In accordance with the wishes of African journalists, this course focuses on Chinese local news and media development, and the School of Journalism has worked assiduously in organising this course. As part of the program, the School has arranged for many professors, famous media specialists and academics, government officials and media workers to take part in the lectures; this is to ensure the journalists gain a comprehensive knowledge of the workings of the media in China, and to facilitate relationship building between media personalities in China and Africa.


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