RUC advertisment shown at Times Square
(2013-09-02 11:09:08)

From August 30 to September 3 (EST), ad of Renmin University of China was played at NASDAQ Advertising screen, Times Square, the United States, prompting a heated discussion. Some media comments, this is the first time that a China’s first-class university Ad promotes its image and education philosophy in such a form; it is an effective attempt made to explore new methods of international communication in the new era.


RUC Spirit: “Profound, Virtuous, Learned, Elegant, True”

A drop of ink drips on the paper from a brush, changing and forming into five different Chinese characters “厚(Profound)” “德(Virtuous)”“博(Learned)”“雅(Elegant)”“是(True)” and symbolic landscape of RUC. Within 30 seconds, the ad presents and explains RUC’s education philosophy and university spirit.

These five Chinese characters, “Profound, Virtuous, Learned, Elegant, True”, not only represent RUC’s education philosophy, but also sketch students’ growing trajectory. They choose to study at RUC, a prestigious university with a profound history, learn from highly virtuous and respected professors , pursue healthy and elegant self-cultivation, gain various knowledge, and graduate with the university motto “seeking truth from facts” borne in mind.

The thirty-second ad was played twice respectively between 6a.m. to 7 a.m., 11a.m. to 12a.m., 16p.m. to 17p.m., and 21p.m. to 22p.m. from August 30 to September 3 (EST). From the ad, tourists at Times Square get to know RUC and traditional Chinese traditional in a more concrete way. The showing of the ad was coordinated and funded by a RUC alumnus Mr. Gao Qiang, Executive President of One-TV.


Successful Effort: Innovate International Communication Methods, Present Chinese Universities’ Charm on World Stage

Zhao Qizheng, former Director of the State Council Information Office and Dean of School of Journalism opined that this is a new effort when RUC put public diplomacy into practice. China’s public diplomacy are international communication activities aiming at interpreting China to the world through cultural dissemination, which would become a model for future international exchanges. RUC ad not only promotes the school’s spirit and idea to the world stage, but also makes Chinese universities more attractive and expands the influence of Chinese culture.

As it is introduced, NASDAQ advertising screen is located at the “crossroad of the world,” Times Square, New York, the United States, exposed to 100,000 audience at peak times per day.    Display of RUC ad at NASDAQ advertising screen presents a prestigious Chinese university’s new image, conveys RUC’s international education philosophy, and enhances immensely the school’s reputation around the world.

Zhao Ran, a Student from School of Information Resources Management, RUC comments on her Weibo, “Profound, Virtuous, Learned, Elegant, True” are showing to the world that RUCers are forging ahead and improving themselves persistently. The display enables RUC to go to the world and interpret itself. All RUC alumni at whichever corner of the world are always bearing in mind “RUC is with me.”

RUC alumni have been forwarding and making comments on social media about the display. They believe, it is a significant initiative to enhance RUC internationalization and promote RUC image. The ad places emphasis on humanism and Chinese elements, endeavoring to use the five characters to create and convey new images of top-ranking Chinese universities by incorporating Chinese philosophy and international methods.


Propel National Public Diplomacy, Promote Chinese University Image

Renmin University of China has always been active practitioners, promoters and supporters of public diplomacy and cross-cultural exchanges. In October 2012, ten pieces of opera English translation including Farewell My Concubine were published by “One Hundred Chinese Opera Classics Translation” program, which effectively promotes Chinese opera around the world. In April 2013, RUC hosted a session at the Boao Forum for Asia. It was the first time to put into discussion the topic “Public Diplomacy and Cross-cultural Communication” at the Boao Forum.

In addition, there is an increasing number of RUC scholars and students participating international academic communication with first-class international universities. RUC has established 13 Confucius Institute overseas and held World Conference in Sinology for several times. Furthermore, RUC has established Public Diplomacy Research Center dedicated to promoting public diplomacy and conveying China’s story and voice in an effective way.

RUC is committed to talents cultivation with global vision, sense of responsibility, cross-cultural communication and global leadership as “Model of Nation, Pillar of Society”. With keen cultural awareness and confidence, RUC, adept at humanities and sociology  is intensifying its efforts in promoting community understanding of public diplomacy, propelling national public diplomacy and conveying RUC’s commendable image to the world.

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