University Leadership / ZHENG Shuiquan
Dr. ZHENG Shuiquan
Vice Chairman of the University Council

Dr. ZHENG Shuiquan was born in November 1965 in Zhejiang Province, China.

Dr. ZHENG got his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy of Political Education from Zhejiang Normal University in 1987 and Master’s degree in International Politics from Renmin University of China (RUC) in 1990. He has been working at RUC since1990, holding the posts of Deputy Director and Director of the Publicity Department before he became Assistant President. Dr. ZHENG was appointed Vice Chairman of the University Council in November 2016.

His research mainly focuses on the theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the university’s strategy in advancing the disciplines of humanities and social sciences, and education in ideology and politics in higher education institutions. He is the author and co-author of a number of books, such as On Strengthening the CPC’s Governing Capability, A Study on the Construction of Harmonious Socialist Society, and A Study on Chinese Political Development, etc. He has also published many articles including “Comments on the Theory of Democratic Elitism”, “Positioning and Function of University Publicity in the New Era” and “On University Culture: Great Building, Great Master and Great Vision”. In addition, he participated in drafting “Outline of the Establishment and Improvement of Anti-Corruption System with a focus on Education”, “System Building and Supervision”, “Advice on Further Strengthening and Improving University’s Education in Ideology and Politics” and “Seven ‘How’s about the Development Theory of China”. He presided over a number of projects focused on humanities and social sciences funded by the Ministry of Education and the Municipal Government of Beijing, such as “the Strategy on the Development of Humanities and Social Sciences Research in Universities”, “Theoretical Innovation and Study-Oriented Party Construction”, “Crisis Management of Beijing Olympic Games” and “China Dream: the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese People” and participated in some major projects initiated by the central government and the Ministry of Education, including “Innovation of the Discourse System of Philosophy and Social Sciences” and “Achievement Assessment and Incentive Systems on Philosophical and Social Scientific Studies in Universities”.

Dr. ZHENG has been listed as a social science theorist of the new century by the Municipal Government of Beijing as part of the “One Hundred Talents Project” and has received many awards of excellence for his contribution to publicity and communications in universities.

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