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University Athletic Teams

The RUC University Athletic Teams are divided into High -level Team and Student Team. Since 1985, RUC started to enroll high-level student athletes including men and women basketball, women volleyball and track and field. In 1992, there were only women basketball, track and field and men football. Now, in the High-level Team there are six types of eight teams consist of 136 student athletes; they are men and women basketball, men and woman football, men volleyball, tennis, track and field and Kong Fu. They are in different schools. With the support of the university leadership, the Team achieves great. The men football team earned the championship of University Football Game in Pan-Pacific Area in 2005. The men basketball team won the Beijing championship multiple times and the first Championship of National University Basketball Games. The men volleyball team won the championship of National University Volleyball Games. He Chang, a member of the Kong Fu team is the champion of Tai Ji Sword in the 8th National University Sports Games. Lu An, a member of track and field team is the champion of 100 meters for professional teams in National University Track and Field Championships and reaches the standard of national master sportsman. The tennis team won five championships in the 18th National University Tennis Championships including men and women group competition in A-level. The High-level team aims to take the lead in beijing universities.

The Student Team consist of fitness team, badminton team, ping-pang team, swimming team, aerobics team, outdoors team and newly founded golf team. Their members are all non-professional students. They arrange daily training and intensive training before game and have great achievements. The badminton team won the championship for men and women group competition, and women double in the 2012 National Badminton Championships. The ping-pang team earned multiple times Beijing championships since foundation and keeps the standard of first three in Beijing. The swimming team was relatively young, but also won the first rank of the Beijing University Swimming Championships. Other teams are all of top levels in Beijing.

As an important part and window of the RUC sports, the Teams lead the campus sports culture, enhance the importance of sports in student development and promote the sports value of “Steady Thoughts, Strong Body and Sound Personality”. The Teams with high spirit and excellent achievements are believed to be able to contribute to RUC’s striving towards the world class university that satisfies the people.

    List of Sports Teams

    Badminton Team

    Tennis Team

    Basketball Team

    Volleyball Team

    Football Team

    Kong Fu Team

    Track and Field Team

    Aerobics Team

    Ping-pang Team

II. Activities

RUC implements the education guidance of the Party and the country, with the vision of “First-class University, First-class University Sports and First-class University Sports Culture ” and the aim of “Steady Thoughts, Strong Body and Sound Personality”(President Chen Yulu). We build the layout of a Four-in-One of teaching, group, training and games, plan the mass sports and competitive sports as a whole, promote the life-long sports conception and healthy lifestyle, and form a university sports mode of “Health in first place, RUC characteristics”.

 III. Curriculum

Ever since in Northern China Union University, professors including Tian Hui, Shi Wangxian, Song Ruiting, Li Zhou, Ma Shaozhou made great contributions to the university sports endeavor for the new China. In the 1950s, they introduced Four-stage teaching method into sports classes, which profoundly impacted the sports teaching in all schools across the country.

RUC highly values the importance of sports to student development. 64.9% of the sports instructors hold professorship, including 12 high-level coaches, 16 international and national certified referees, international masters of sportsmen and representatives to Olympics and the Asian Games, as well as “top ten model teachers” and “model professionals”. In curriculum management, RUC deepens the institution building of sports education, curriculum building and standardized teaching plan building, enhances the teaching reform and improves the quality of teaching.

. Course objectives

With the construction of the system of PE courses we strive to achieve teaching objectives on PE courses in the following six fields in accordance with the undergraduates cultivation plan.


The objective on students’ participation: through carrying out the curriculum, we aim to make sure that 4-year successive PE courses are available to all the undergraduates. In addition, students are encouraged to take part in various kinds of physical activities, build a habit of spontaneously doing physical exercise and enact their own plan for it. This will help students to gain the awareness that PE is a life-time undertaking.


The objective on one’s physical fitness: through carrying out the curriculum, students are enabled to measure and evaluate their own physical fitness and efficiently improve their physical well-being and all-round development on physical fitness. The curriculum can help students cultivate a good behavioral habits and healthy life style.


The objective on one’s mental health: through carrying out the curriculum, students are expected to set up goals on PE study in line with their ability; to improve mental being and overcome psychological problems through taking part in Physical activities on their own and develop a positive attitude towards life; to regulate their mood with appropriate methods; to enjoy the happiness of exercising and the sensation of success in taking part in physical exercises.


The objective on sports competence: through carrying out the curriculum, students are supposed to proficiently use at least two basic methods and skills in exercising; to exercise in a scientific way and improve the sporting abilities; to grasp the approaches to deal with common sports injury.


The objective on social adaption: through carrying out the curriculum, students are fostered to take PE as an efficient approach to adapting to the society, to interact with others in taking exercises and properly deal with the conflict between competition and cooperation to establish a positive, healthy, and civilized group relationship among peers.


The objective on cultural edification: PE is not only the instruction of an athletic skill, but also an edification of sports culture. In line with the reform of PE teaching and in accordance with the characteristics in our school, we strive to cultivate students with concepts of sporting civilization such as collective and individual, cooperation and competition, tradition and innovation, competition and participation.


 Curriculum Structure

RUC offers compulsory PE courses for freshmen and sophomores. Students are required to complete 4 credits according to regulations and pass the courses, which is necessary for students to graduate and get the degree.


RUC also offers club and development and instructional classes for junior and senior students in order to guarantee successive physical practice in their four years undergraduate study.


According to the detailed arrangements of talent cultivation map of RUC, the curriculum of PE is classified into 5 categories, specific structure shown in the following table (table 1).

Course type

Course title

Sport event


Compulsory courses

Compulsory project course


1 credit


1 credit

Optional course

Football, basketball, etc. 1 credit for each course
Club course Selective course Football, basketball, etc.


International Summer School Traditional sports culture course Shadowboxing, health maintenance

2 credits

Development and instructional course

Line dance, rhythm rope skipping course

Cultural classes, line dance, rhythm rope skipping, etc.

1 credit

Table 1—Curriculum structure of PE courses


IV. Curriculum Description

Compulsory courses.

RUC offers compulsory PE courses for freshmen and sophomores. Students are required to complete 4 credits according to regulations and pass the courses, which is necessary for students to graduate and get the degree. Two kinds of courses are included: compulsory project course and optional course.


Compulsory project courses (shadowboxing and swimming) are the core and featured courses and thus regulated in the talent cultivation map of RUC. The undergraduates, without special reasons, should take part in these two projects—shadowboxing and swimming. The construction of these courses enables undergraduates of RUC to have a deeper grasping of the national traditional sports culture and traditional sports skills. Besides, swimming is not only a mode of sports but also a sports program that is closely related with our daily life.


Optional courses

Optional Courses are provided for freshmen and sophomores. Students can select courses according to their own interests and hobbies.


Club courses

To carry out the objective of “making sure a 4-year successive PE courses are available to the undergraduates”, club courses are provided for juniors and seniors. Students can select courses according to their own interests and hobbies and their personal situations.


International Summer School courses

The courses are provided for overseas students to experience the PE courses.


Development and instructional courses

These courses aim at cultivating students’ interest in sports and the habits and skills of taking part in physical exercises for a lifetime.

In the curriculum evaluation from 2010 to 2011, sports courses got the highest degree of satisfaction with 95.87 points, 2 point higher than other courses. The Tai Ji courses in international summer semester are very popular among international students and thus become the massager of traditional Chinese culture.

V. Extracurricular Activities

In 1985, RUC initiated the Basketball Association of Chinese University and started a new age of extracurricular activities. At present, RUC holds various large sport events, provides the students with opportunities of challenging and pleasant experience

The university events now include football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, ping-pang, swimming, Spring Track and Field Games, Fall Freshmen Games, and Fun Sports Games. Every year, more than 4000 students will register for the games, tens of thousands of students will watch the competitions and 2000 students will help as referees and volunteers. The leading organ of the games is the RUC Sports Commission. The Sports Department is the organizer and undertaker and the Student Union, Referee Association and sports club provide assistance.

There are 20 formally registered student sports societies and 11 employee sports societies and other sports clubs. Their activities are loved by the students. The Ziyouren Outdoor Sports Association climbed 14 high altitude snow mountains since 2004 and 52 national mountaineers came out of the association. The Referee Association is also second to none in the country for 5 national first level referees and hundreds of national second level referees came out of it.

VI. Stadium and equipment.

There are 2 comprehensive stadiums, 1 natatorium, 1 standard ground track field, 10 basketball courts, 4 volleyball courts, 5 football fields of various sizes, and some outdoor exercise zones. All outdoor sports fields are equipped with light and plastic ground. Some stadiums are of international standard that they were chosen as the training venue of Olympics and national football team. The Office of Facility Management was set in 2010.

The selection of grades recording of the sports courses has gone digital. At present, excellent faculty is recording online sports courses to diversify the teaching method.

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