Prof. LIU Wei

LIU Wei was appointed President of Renmin University of China in November 2015. Born in Shangqiu, Henan, in January 1957, his family originally hails from Shandong. Professor LIU is member of the Communist Party of China and holds a doctorate in economics. He also supervises PhD candidates and holds several other posts: he is a member of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee and Theoretical Economics Committee of the Academic Council, as well as Deputy Director of the Committee for the Development of Academic Disciplines and Specializations under the Ministry of Education.

From November 1974 to February 1978, Professor LIU worked for the Construction Corps in Heilongjiang Province before entering Peking University in the spring of 1978 as an economics major. In 1982, he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics, followed by a master’s degree in 1984 and a PhD in economics in 1990. Professor LIU began teaching at Peking University in 1984, first as lecturer, later associate professor, and then as full professor. From 2002 to July 2010, he served as Dean of Peking University’s School of Economics. In 2007, he became Assistant President. In May 2010, Professor LIU was appointed member of the PKU CPC Standing Committee and Executive Vice President of Peking University. From September 2013 to November 2015, he held the post of Executive Vice President of Peking University before assuming his position as President of Renmin University.

Professor LIU’s main research areas include: Socialist economic theory; transition economics, industrial development theory, economic growth and corporate property rights. Professor LIU has published more than two hundred academic articles and several dozen books. He has also won a number of academic awards, including the SUN Yefang Economics Book Award (in 1994 and in 1996), the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Economics prize (sixth), the Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Achievement Award (fourth, seventh, and eleventh), and the first National Youth Social Science Achievement Award (1995).

Professor LIU has independently presided over a number of nationally funded projects, including Ministry of Education grants for social scientific research, funding for research on Chinese markets and economic development (2003), China’s monetary policy (2008), and a grant by the Chinese National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation to research sustainable economic growth and trends in structural changes (2009). Since 1991, he has received the special government allowances of the State Council; in 1997 he was selected for the Humanities and Social Sciences “Century Talent Cultivation Program” supported by the Ministry of Education; in 2004 Professor Liu was chosen for a new national talents project jointly organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, the Academy of Sciences and other ministries; in 2006 he was appointed “Chang Jiang Professor.”

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