Student Life / Cultural Activities

i. The December Ninth Chorus Festival

The December Ninth Chorus Festival is a campus cultural activity with the longest duration, largest participation, and greatest influence. Every school of the university participates in the competition with a chorus of about 100 students. The schools pay special attention to the Festival and regard it as an important event to foster a sense of belonging for freshmen. Every year around the Festival, songs from the hard-trained students get out of the teaching buildings. Getting along with each other for more than one month and accepting intensive training not only made the students shine on the stage, but also foster a strong sense of cohesion among them.

ii. The May Fourth Culture Festival

The May Fourth Culture Festival is a large comprehensive culture and art competition, including the competition of hosting, elocnting, mini movie, dance and campus talent show. Every year before May, different schools will host different competitions. The rank is calculated by summing up the points in every competition and will be announced in the final art show. The school with most points earns the Cup of Champion for May Fourth Festival.

iii. Debate Competition

Twenty-one of RUC Debate Game have been held up to today. This largest and highest level debate competition is participated by all of the 22 schools in the university. Champion of the competition is also regarded the highest honor in the debate community of the university. The students exchange thoughts, display talents and promote friendship in the Game.

iv. Clothing Culture Festival

Clothing Culture Festival is a popular activity among students. The splendid clothes are gorgeous in the flying light and shadow. The luscious light, luxuriant clothes, dynamic rhythm, professional stage and the confident smile demonstrate the romance and openness of university students of the new age. The fifty models selected from more than 400 participants illustrate the youth and confidence of RUC students.

v. Aerobics Game

Aerobics Game is a popular sport game of aerobics, dancing, fitness and recreation. It aims to display the energy of the modern youth, promote positive joy of life, and enhance the ceaseless self-improvement sport spirit. Every school will compete in it for the championship. Strength and beauty, sports and art are all mixed here.

vi. Your Stage Campus Singer Competition

Your Stage Campus Singer Competition is the music palace hall for campus singers and for finding good voice touching RUC. Every year from October to November the whole campus is bathed in music, alluding students to show themselves. Ten singers are selected for the final. They will display their music dreams and share their music stories on the stage of Mingde Hall.

vii. Intelligent Sports Game

The Intelligent Sports Game has been held twice. Intelligence is the only criteria in the game. Representatives from the 22 schools will compete in the four events of go, chess, Chinese chess and five-in-a-row. Intelligence and perseverance shine over the game.

viii. Five Person Football Game and Three to Three Basketball Game.
Five Person Football Game and Three to Three Basketball Game are fields for sports lovers. Students can form team freely and compete for the championship. The result is not as important as gaining friendship and displaying perseverance in the game.

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