RUC School of Law holds 2017 Degree Awarding Graduation Ceremony
(2017-07-03 09:07:38)

On June 22, RUC School of Law organized the 2017 Degree Awarding Graduation Ceremony. RUC Vice President WANG Liming and other notable leaders were in attendance, including all of School of Law faculty and administration, with School of Law JIE as alumni representative, and over 400 students and parents representing as well as 800 graduates. The ceremony was presided over by RUC Party Committee Deputy Secretary YAN Fang.

RUC School of Law Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, Vice President HU Miaoguang named the RUC School of Law Master’s and Bachelor’s degree graduates. Altogether there were 402 Master of Law degree, 217 Juris Doctorates, 173 Bachelor of Law, and 75 Minor in Law graduates. More than 40 professors including WANG Liming, ZHU Jingwen, and HAN Dayuan presented graduates with their diplomas.

During her speech, professor Hong expressed her gratitude towards her alma mater. She congratulated each and every graduate and wished them well, advising them to always adhere to the law, be just and fair, and never forget why they fell in love with law. She thanked all the RUC School of Law professors in education and legislation for their selfless contribution, and thanked the School of Law for providing a space to cultivate students’ learning. She hopes that the 2017 graduates will be able to adhere to the rule of law and administer justice, equality, and fairness in the matters the law and most of all make their own contributions to the nation’s legal system.

2017 RUC School of Law Bachelor’s graduate WANG Lubao representing the Class of 2017, gave an opening speech detailing her experiences at RUC School of Law during the past four years. She shared stories and thanked the university and School of Law for providing many different platforms for learning, helping her to find her interests, and their support. She remarked that through these wonderful experiences at RUC, she was able to discover more about herself, and understand better society as a whole. Even though she will leave RUC, she will never forget her alma mater or what she learned here.

Professor HE Jiahong as teacher representative extended sincere congratulations to the graduating class. He expressed that no matter what practice the graduates enter or research they do, they will forever be lawyers, and as a lawyer, they represent a certain identity which is respected, prestigious, abiding by the law, and be giving towards others. He recalled his own experience in becoming a lawyer, shared his story, and his struggles and fascinating anecdotes, sharing his life lessons, and life experiences, warning students to down-to-earth, never falter, understand people and reason. Finally, with much love, he bid the graduates good luck in their future endeavors and invited them to come back later to visit their alma mater. He wished everyone have a bright future and good health.

HAN Dayuan addressed the 2017 graduates expressing his love for both RUC School of Law and each of the graduates. He could sincerely feel all the hard work and efforts of the students to realize their dream of becoming a lawyer, and thanked all the families for the care and support they gave their children to pursue their endeavors. He hopes that they can all look back on this day and their youth with fond memories and hopes RUC School of Law can become an even better, stronger, first-class university in legal education.


At the 2017 Graduation Ceremony, all rise to salute their alma mater and solemnly pledge to society, “From this day forward, they will dedicate themselves in the practice of justice and law to the end.”


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