Jing Dong Group Chairman and CEO LIU Qiangdong donates 300 million RMB to RUC to establish RUC Jing Dong Foundation
(2017-06-16 08:06:02)

On June 2, Jing Dong Group Founder, Chairman and CEO LIU Qiangdong donated 300 million RMB to RUC to establish RUC Jing Dong Foundation, which has been the largest donation to RUC to date. Jing Dong Group and RUC have had a long partnership and strategic cooperation agreement, formally signing in this donation at RUC.

RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo, and President LIU Wei, CPC Deputy Secretary ZHANG Jianming, Deputy Vice President WANG Liming, Deputy Secretary WU Fulai, and VP HONG Dayong, as well as other notable government leaders and Jing Dong CEO LIU Qiangdong, and Jingdong Foundation Chairman ZHANG Zetian attended the signing ceremony.

Jing Dong Group Public Affairs Officer GUAN Lanye, and HR Counselor Jing Dong Foundation Chairman LONG Yu, Jing Dong Deputy Secretary and Vice President LONG Baozheng; as well as many other teachers, students, and distinguished parties were in attendance.

Before the signing ceremony, university leaders met with alumni LIU Qiangdong and delegation.

Chairwoman JIN Nuo introduced recent developments at RUC, and representing all of the teachers and students expressed thanks to alumni LIU Qiangdong for his sincerity and support to his alma mater. She expressed that he is an outstanding alumni who has continued to support RUC from the beginning, and has made donations toward establishing RUC Jing Dong Foundation, further demonstrating his generosity and dedication to his alma mater, and his service to society.

Deputy Secretary ZHANG Jianming hosted the signing ceremony.

President LIU Wei and alumni LIU Qiangdong signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

VP YI Zhihong and Jing Dong Foundation Chairman LONG Yu signed a donation agreement.

Chairwoman JIN Nuo awarded LIU Qiangdong with a certificate for his donation.

LIU Qiangdong expressed that 25 years ago, he carried with him 500rmb and 76 eggs from gathered from villagers to leave the poor Suqian countryside and come attend RUC. Now, because of the great impressions that RUC has left in his life, it has changed his mission entirely. Under RUC’s “Seek truth from the facts” motto, he realized he wanted to become a better person. This year, RUC is celebrating its 80th anniversary, by establishing RUC Jing Dong Foundation, which not only gives thanks to the alma mater for cultivating his youth, but also gives hope and strength to support development of educational opportunities, to help this year’s humble students to have a better life and reach their goals.

President LIU Wei sincerely expressed, RUC is honored to be the builder and joint collaborator of this great initiative. 80 years we have cultivated a generation of the nations’ most talented students, to make our contributions and our mark on the nation’s economy and development. LIU Qiangdong is a prime example of an extraordinary student who has never neglected his alma mater, completely loyal and supportive of the development of his alma mater. After many years, he has decided to create this scholarship foundation, and assist students by supporting more than 1600 talented students and poor students, on top of donating and creating a foundation, demonstrating his vast love and care for education. We are actively promoting Jing Dong Group and RUC development cooperation projects, to create together labs and different cooperation models. The school will fully utilize the donated funds, and promote more enterprises to develop even more and strive to build an even better RUC, the world’s best university.

RUC Jing Dong Foundation mainly supports building of RUC’s new campus, development and construction, theory and techniques, as well as research of sociology discipline, and RUC in law, news, internet, artificial intelligence, finance, economy and other related domains and disciplines. The Foundation can help to encourage and stimulate the growth of funds, scholarships, grants and fellowships, to cultivate even more outstanding teachers and young students, and especially help students of poverty, to contribute to the nation and society.

LIU Qiangdong believes that education can not only change a person’s life, but also can promote and facilitate the next steps of development in society. He never stopped supporting or underestimating the importance of education. In 2003, he started enterprising, and he and Jing Dong employees helped 38 children, to learn how to read and subsidized their education. Afterwards, LIU Qiangdong through all different methods continued to help and assist elementary, highschool, and college students by donating to China-European Schools of Business by developing a series of education donations. This year in February, LIU Qiangdong and his wife and family members even donated 100 million RMB to help local development of education, cultural, and senior care public initiatives, and at the same time elevated the basic education level of Nanjing’s foreign language schools. In April, he and Jing Dong group also donated 10,000 RMB to China’s Commmunications University under “Jing Dong News Scholarship” to support the university’s journalism talents, and international broadcasting programs, as well as research and innovations.

Besides a surplus of donations, LIU Qiangdong also started “I’m at Jingdong studying”, “I’m at Jing Dong doing my master’s” programs, which support entry-level employees to pursue advanced studies and encourages them to get good grades and celebrates their achievements, especially for those families that have financial difficulties, by providing them with scholarships to achieve their greatest dreams to attend university. To date, he has helped over 2000 employees to apply for higher education universities undergraduate and master’s programs. From his point of view, education is always changing and evolving. Jing Dong now has 70% of employees that like him, came from rural areas, and the only way for them to receive great education, and to continue to improve themselves is through these initiatives to help them make better lives for themselves.

LIU Qiangdong established Jing Dong Group to provide the best logistics and online commerce and electronics platform for the whole country. From March 31, Jing Dong group has 7 logistics centers, and runs 263 storage warehouses, covering 2,672 districts and counties in China. Jing Dong has also a member of NASDAQ’s top 100, and Fortune 500’s top enterprises in the world.

In 2017, RUC welcomed its 80th anniversary celebration, with this year’s theme as “From beginning to end go forth bravely ahead to the next era”. In the 80s, this had already been integrated into the blood of RUC. The past generations lived through the flames of war and transformed into a new nation, a new university, that has built itself into China’s top world-class university, upholding the standards and Marxist tenets of tradition and keeping to that philosophy and development of social disciplines, to reform society, build and reform professions, contributing much to the nation. During the celebration, the school put forth the glory years of “CCP forging the education of 80 years”, by organizing high-level forums, symposiums, seminars, and promoting T.V. documentaries, a whole series of exhibitions and publications, including holding a new campus foundation stone laying ceremony. On October 3, the day of the celebration, the university organized a series of solemn yet simple events to commemorate the anniversary and broadcast it globally.

On June 2, 1991 alumni CHANG Peng also donated and established “Upperclassman Care Foundation” in celebration of RUC’s 80th anniversary to help poor students achieve their dreams.

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