Vice President HONG Dayong visits young volunteers of Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation
(2017-06-12 14:06:29)

On May 12, RUC Vice President HONG Dayong and delegation came to the National Convention Center to discuss with the Young RUC volunteers there the Belt and Road campaign at the Summit. The Finance Department Foreign Affairs Chief WU Wei, Beijing Volunteer Services Guidance Center Project Development Director Xiao Shusheng, and other notable committee members, and campus committee persons in charge accompanied and participated in the event.

VP HONG Dayong and delegation successively one after another came to the National Convention Center volunteers and comprehensive office affairs, visiting and discussing different solutions and services for Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation and Finance Department preparatory groups and young RUC volunteers.

VP HONG represented Chairwoman JIN Nuo and President LIU Wei to extend their thanks to RUC volunteers for their service and great attitude towards selflessly contributing their time and efforts, encouraging everyone to cherish their lives, and use their entire hearts and efforts toward doing the work and helping the committee, to ensure the quality of the work. He expressed that the Belt and Road Initiative and the country’s history of the Silk Road has very deep and vast resources, and is the country’s strength and demonstration of confidence in today’s civilization. Today’s Belt and Road signifies the country’s active development and the country’s cooperative partners, as well as their development together towards a better world.

VP HONG proposed three ideas: listen to the group committee’s commands and plans, follow guidelines; be safe, and take care of themselves, be sincere and responsible, fulfill the responsibilities of the work, be ready and willing to work. Volunteers one after another expressed that they would keep these in mind, and bring with them a high-level of responsibility and honor the Summit’s volunteer services.

VP HONG then met each volunteer in person to award them with a badge and encourage everyone to have good spirit, and work hard to for their country and support their school.

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