University of Tianjin Deputy Secretary LEI Ming visits RUC
(2017-06-12 11:06:58)

On May 9, University of Tianjin Deputy Secretary LEI Ming and delegation visited RUC, RUC Party Secretary, and Discipline Inspection Commission Party Secretary WU Fulai and Party Secretary LEI Ming discussed in depth cooperation in building the next steps to a stronger Marxism Theory discipline.

Discipline Inspection Commission Party Secretary WU Fulai extended a warm welcome. He said that RUC highly respects and places great emphasis on the development of Marxism and Marxist theory construction. Recently, the school seized the opportunity to do better, and took this chance to strengthen team construction and talent cultivation  through building Marxist political theory in higher education and a high precision, advanced innovation center to give play to a more leading role. We hope that after today, both universities will enhance their team of professional leaders, improve teacher resources and training, Marxist reformation classes, and scientific research projects, as well as talent cultivation disciplines to increase exchange, and promote work solutions that both sides can develop together.

Deputy Secretary LEI Ming introduced University of Tianjin Marxism theory. Deputy Secretary LEI expressed that the University of Tianjin needs campus training, so that both schools will have a good environment for studying and good basis of cooperation. Marxism theory needs to promote Chinese culture and is important in building a first-class world institution. RUC is a higher research institute for the study of theory of Marxism and hopes that after today, a new domain can be created to give University of Tianjin support in promoting the development of Marxism and building of Marxist theory.

During the meeting, both parties embraced the School of Marxism teacher training, talent introduction, and curriculum building, further discussing the construction of Marxism theory discipline and related issues.

RUC Assistant to the President, School of Marxism President DENG Lixin, Marxism Party Secretary Vice President YANG Fengcheng, and other Marxism experts and University of Tianjin delegates attended the meeting.


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