Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized a series of “China’s Neighboring Diplomacy on Campus” events at RUC
(2017-04-25 18:04:03)

On April 20, Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized a series of “China’s Neighboring Diplomacy on Campus” events at the RUC Career Center. Department of Asian Affairs Counselor and RUC International Politics Department Alumnus YAO Wen led 300 students in understanding topics of China’s neighboring diplomacy, explaining its implications, and deepening students’ understanding of current diplomatic affairs.

Before the lecture started, RUC Deputy Secretary HONG Dayong met with YAO Wen and delegation, to take a look at “2016 National Diplomacy Achievements Photo Exhibition”.

RUC Vice President HONG extended his thanks to YAO Wen and delegation, affirming the series of “China’s Neighboring Diplomacy on Campus” events organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He expressed that youth don’t pay enough attention to foreign affairs, and joint diplomacy work and student development could help students to understand better neighboring diplomacy, and strengthen their outlook for international business. RUC has devoted itself to lead student involvement and global governance, cultivate student cross-cultural communications, and in the future pave the way for even more exchanges with talents in diplomacy, affording students moving towards international work more opportunities.

Members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would lead and introduce teachers and students to China’s neighboring diplomacy and engage them in high-level, political exchanges, pragmatic cooperation, people-to-people exchanges, and regional cooperation to deepen their understanding, and help them gain a better impression of national diplomacy practices and achievements.

During the lecture, YAO Wen introduced the organizational structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, characteristics and background of the neighboring diplomacy situation. He also analyzed and broke down the current common concerns and hot topics of diplomatic affairs, including North Korea nuclear missile crisis, the dispute of the South China Sea, South Korea’s Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), China-Japan relations, China-U.S. relations, etc. He expressed that in recent years, National Diplomacy has transformed, but China’s National Diplomacy has still gained far reaching historical achievements. We are very confident about the diplomatic work being done, and China needs to persist in pursuing peace, development, and cooperation, and stabilize neighboring foreign affairs, to create a good environment for national development, and promote its own development and joint development with even more countries.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Training Deputy Director General HU Dehui introduced to RUC students 2018 Diplomacy Civil Service Exam content related to government policies, procedures, foreign service members’ work, and emphasized the eligible members and their core competitiveness and qualities, hoping that students would cherish their time at the school by building specialized knowledge, and paying attention to developing comprehensive skills. He further encouraged RUC students to register for the exam and join other diplomats.

After the lecture, students had in depth exchange about diplomacy and civil service exam questions with YAO and HU.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Head of Department of Asian Affairs, RUC Student Recruitment and Employment Director WANG Xiaohu and other guests also participated in this event.

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