RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo, President LIU Wei and Vice Chairman ZHENG Shuiquan visit family members of Professor SUN Guohua
(2017-04-21 08:04:11)

On April 14, famous lawyer and professor SUN Guohua sadly passed away in Beijing. RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo, President Liu Wei and Vice Chairman DENG Shuiquan, representing RUC, went to the First Affiliated Hospital of the General Hospital of People’s Liberation Army to pay their respects to family members of the late professor SUN Guohua. Professor SUN Guohua’s family members thanked the RUC leaders for their condolences and support.

RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo said, Professor SUN was a contemporary renowned jurist, founder of jurisprudence doctor selects of Renmin University and one of founders of new Chinese Marxism jurisprudence. He was persistent, selfless, and a great Communist Party member. Losing Professor SUN was a great loss for RUC. We will never forget him and teachers and students alike will cherish his memory. He was one of first batch of honorary professors of RUC and has had a rich life. His spirit forever inspires us to continue learning and we will continue to carry forward his work.

President Liu Wei acknowledged Professor SUN as one of the founders of new China jurisprudence, and a pioneer of Marxism jurisprudence. Professor SUN’s death is a terrible loss for RUC and the Chinese legal profession. All teachers deeply appreciated Professor SUN for his academic research in China, his outstanding contributions to Chinese law, and selfless dedication to his students. Academic successors should learn from Professor SUN and adhere to his honest and innovative spirit and pay respects by continuing to make contributions to law and jurisprudence.

RUC School of Law Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President LIN Jia, Deputy Director of General Office QIAO Peng, School of Law Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee YAN Fang, and School of Law Professors ZHU Jingwen and FENG Yujun accompanied the visit.

Professor SUN’s farewell ceremony is scheduled for morning of April 20 at the Beijing Babaoshan Funeral Parlor.

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