RUC Executive Vice Chairman ZHANG Jianming and delegation visit Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Italy to strengthen cooperation between international universities and organizations
(2017-04-07 08:04:14)

On March 21st to 29th, RUC Executive Vice Chairman ZHANG Jianming and RUC representatives visited Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Italy. During that time, the delegation visited the Czech Republic’s Charles University in Prague, International Labour Organization (ILO) headquartered in Geneva, Confucius Institutes at the University of Geneva, University of Bologna (UniBo), University of Milan, and the University of Rome La Sapienza, as well as the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO) to sign a cooperative agreement and be present for the Board of Directors meeting at the Confucius Institute in Bologna.

On March 21, RUC Executive Vice Chairman ZHANG and delegation visited and engaged in talks with Charles University in Prague and Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office. Vice Chairman ZHANG briefed the delegation on the purpose of the visit and expressed the importance and value of China-European relations and exchanges. Czech Republic is a key nation under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). China and Czech Republic through cooperation could have huge leaps forward in this next phase of development by providing great opportunities for academic exchanges between RUC and Charles University in Prague. He hoped that in the future, both universities can strength their cooperation as RUC and Charles University in Prague share many various academic disciplines. Manager of the International Office at Charles University in Prague Nina Bilovska, RUC Assistant Dean of the Labor and Human Resources School, YANG Weiguo, and Vice Dean ZHAO Zhong participated in the in-depth talks.

On March 23, RUC representatives and delegation visited the ILO headquartered in Geneva. They met with ITCILO Director LIU Yanguo. Vice Chairman ZHANG expressed that RUC has worked hard to catapult itself to becoming a world class university, with world class curricula. In recent years, under internationalization, steady progress has been made. This year marks the 80th anniversary of RUC, which represents the years of cooperation between RUC and the ILO, to jointly promote more academic exchange, with significant emphasis on student development. There are a few ways that both sides can cooperate to increase academic exchange and talks, even promote exchange of research ambassadors, and jointly undertake research projects, where RUC will learn from ILO to resolve preliminary issues that may arise.

On March 23, RUC Vice Chairman ZHANG visited Confucius Institute at the University of Geneva, and spoke with Confucius Institute Foreign Affairs Dean Basile Zimmermann and China Affairs Dean WANG Xiaoluo, about the progress and development of the Confucius Institute. Chairman ZHANG expressed that the Confucius Institute at the University of Geneva has already provided enormous support to China and Switzerland, and by entering academic research and spreading Chinese language and Chinese culture, many different bridges and bonds of academic cooperation have been strengthened between RUC and University of Geneva. He hopes that Confucius Institute at University of Geneva will continue to diversify its development and keep searching for ways to expand.

On March 24, RUC Vice Chairman ZHANG engaged in talks with University of Geneva Vice Rector Yves Flückiger. Both sides recalled the past few years of cooperation and the series of accomplishments the two universities had achieved as a result of that. University of Geneva hoped to set up an international organization for a platform for dialogue and cooperation between them, and welcomed RUC through this platform to connect with international organizations in Geneva for internships and work. Vice Chairman ZHANG expressed that he hoped both schools will further promote exchange in law, sociology, economics management, international relations and continuing education, among other fields to establish more dialogue and cooperation around the world.

On March 25, the delegation visited Confucius Institute at the University of Milan in Italy and talked extensively with the China Affairs Dean there. The China Affairs Dean introduced the Confucius Institute jointly built with Beijing Languages and Culture University (BLCU), HSK, HSKK exams, and the series of language activities that had been established. RUC Vice Chairman ZHANG expressed that Confucius Institute plays a key role in the international education of Chinese and dissemination of Chinese culture. The Confucius Institute at the University of Milan is a very experienced and good language center, and he hopes to enhance its communications and strengthen cooperation.

On March 27, RUC Vice Chairman ZHANG visited the University of Bologna (UniBo), and met with the UniBo Vice Chancellor Professor Antonio Fiori, to extend his thanks for supporting the Confucius Institute. ZHANG attended the Council of the Confucius Institute with teachers and students. UniBo Confucius Institute Dean Marina Timoteo introduced the Confucius Institute 2017 work plan, and the continuing innovative Chinese culture programs offered there. Dean of Confucius Institute at UniBo gave full affirmation for expansion and development, with teaching Chinese as a foreign language in Italy becoming one of the most standard of Confucius Institutes abroad. The Confucius Institute of UniBo is to continue to encourage the two universities to conduct academic research projects, and promote more academic cooperation and communication between teachers and students.

On March 28, RUC Vice Chairman ZHANG and delegation visited Confucius Institute at the University of Rome La Sapienza (CIURLS), Italy. Confucius Institute China Affairs Dean ZHANG Hong briefed them on the teaching curricula, cultural activities, and research, as well as other different current academic affairs in detail. Due to innovation, merging, and diversification in the field, there have been many breakthroughs, which have been the result of learnings from building the Confucius Institute. Also, Beijing Foreign Languages University and RUC are good neighbors, so from this year forward, we hope to continue to strengthen cooperation. RUC Vice Chairman ZHANG expressed, that it is critical to undertake international student development, to ensure the future talents will have opportunities in global work and international organizations. Further, it is the role of foreign Chinese language teachers to spread Chinese culture.

School of Labor & Humanities Dean YANG Weiguo, School of Labor & Humanities Deputy Dean ZHAO Zhong, Associate Director of RUC’s International Office, Professor Lü Jie also visited.

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