European Union 60-Year Anniversary “Treaty of Rome” Academic Event held at RUC
(2017-03-31 08:03:52)

On March 24, the European Union (EU) 60-Year Anniversary “Treaty of Rome” Academic Event was held at RUC. RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo, Vice President Zhihong, and EU Ambassador to China HE Hans Dietmar Schweisgut, EU Vice Chairman to China David Chen, and Italian Ambassador to China Ettore Francesco Sequi attended the event.

RUC Chairwoman JIN Nuo briefly introduced China and the European Union as the two birthplaces of the now civilized East and West, with a long standing history of international relations between China and Europe, which has enhanced the unique beauty of the culture and traditions of both countries. China and European relations have blossomed now and grown. Presently, China and Europe are entering a very pivotal development phase, in which both countries face unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Open your eyes to working hard, to building peace, growth, and reformation. The high-level strategic dialogue in economy, trade, and cultural exchange which reaches to the core issues of China-EU relations will work towards enhancing mutual understanding. RUC attaches great importance to cooperation and exchanges in education with European nations. European Studies has been a tradition of International Studies. RUC hopes that this event can promote China-EU relations to a deeper level of mutual respect and understanding.

EU Ambassador to China HE Hans Dietmar Schweisgut recalled the sixty years of achievements of the EU, and advised not to find fault with the current plight of the European Union today. From the beginning, the European Communities have grown into a global organization. The EU has long been concerned about the world economy and people’s safety. Europe has been under the influence of terrorist attacks, but the unity of the EU will be its core soft power. The future European Union will become a stronger organization, and will also become more powerful allies with China. Throughout the past 40 years of economic and trade cooperation, the EU and China have brought many benefits to the people on both sides. I sincerely hope that both Europe and China will continue to jointly promote world peace and prosperity.

EU Vice Chairman to China David Chen believes that the Treaty of Rome has opened up multiple paths of social development, and will serve to not only to solve Europe’s past historical problems, but will also be a major contribution to maintain peace and stability in Europe, and guide those in pursuit of world peace, development, and global economic prosperity. Under the Treaty of Rome, the EU can dig up a new social contract to build social welfare programs, create mutual development, and public interest programs to serve the next generation. China has always valued its friendship with Europe, and has observed Europe’s economic prosperity and development. China attaches great importance to learning from the European experience of economic development and scientific progress, as well as its rich cultural history. It is also willing to contribute to Europe’s future progress and development.

Italian Ambassador to China Ettore Francesco Sequi expressed the challenges that they would meet, and the need for the EU to get together and reform. The youth is most important to the EU. The 60th anniversary should be a celebration of humanity and peace, and should be fun exploration and experience, which will motivate us to have a sense of responsibility and duty towards our future and give us the confidence and vision to face whatever challenges may lie ahead of us.

RUC VP YI Zhihong presided over the event.

Held in the morning, two seminars were organized including “60 Years of the EU: achievements, challenges and prospects”, and “Relations between China –EU”, hosted respectively by Fudan University Dean of the School of International Relations and Public Affairs CHEN Zhimin and EU Foreign Minister and British Minister to China, Chris Wood. . Questions were taken from students in the audience from Fudan University, RUC, and reporters during which they discussed with guests dialogue on topics including “how to narrow the gap between rich and poor in the EU”, “what the EU development brings to the future development of China’s economy”, “what kind of challenges will there be in the future of China-EU”, among other key issues.

The Exhibition Tour of the signing of the 60-Year “Treaty of Rome” (1957-2017) has commenced and the exhibition will be showcased inside the RUC International Building for two weeks.

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