RUC Vice President HONG Dayong and Delegation Visit Yunnan
(2017-03-16 08:03:15)

On March 6-7, RUC Vice President HONG Dayong and delegation went to Yunnan to visit Renmin University students who had been recruited to work in Dali and Lanping County, to meet Lijiang workers, and observe local Lanping County officials in their work. They also sent greetings to local students.

During the trip, on the morning of March 6, Vice President HONG and delegation went to Dali to meet with the National Institute of Education Sciences Vice President ZENG Tianshan, and other notable representatives to discuss measures to further strengthen and support the development of western Yunnan.

VP HONG visited RUC student working in Dali YAO Xiangmei, and met with the Dali Organization Department Minister YUAN Lijuan. He encouraged Xiangmei to learn as much as she could at the grassroots level and from others to aid in accelerating growth. In the meeting, VP HONG and YUAN discussed how further exchanges for the school as well as strengthening personnel development and mutual understanding.

On March 6, VP HONG and delegates visited Lanping Autonomous Region. They came to see the area and visit the students there.

The Lanping County Government and Party Committee jointly held a symposium and Lanping County President LI Xuesong briefed them on current developments including infrastructure construction, poverty alleviation, social welfare, and support for the school. VP HONG listened attentively, expressed his great trust in the hard work that they have put in and congratulated them on the remarkable results they achieved under the leadership of the Party Committee by leveraging their resources despite the difficulty and nature of the work.

VP HONG extended his thanks to the students and welfare workers on behalf of RUC for their continued support and care, and hoped that they would carry on their valuable work to train the leaders of tomorrow. He emphasized the need for RUC to recruit more students from Yunnan, then expressed hope that more students from surrounding areas will come to RUC to study.  He also proposed that the Committee increase the government scholarship awarded to students, and expressed his high hopes for better teacher-student relationships, and understanding of students.

On March 7, VP HONG and delegation visited RUC student LI Ke in Lijiang. He encouraged LI Ke to learn from the grass-roots level, to rejuvenate the Chinese dream through both personal and social development.


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