RUC Deepens Cooperation with Qingdao City
(2017-03-13 08:03:35)

On the 3rd of March, Qingdao Municipal Party Committee deputy Minister JI Min and delegation arrived at RUC, and met with RUC University Council deputy Chairman ZHENG Shuiquan. During the meeting, the National Institute of Development and Strategy and the Qingdao City Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The signing ceremony was attended by RUC vice President and executive director of the National Institute for Development and Strategy LIU Yuanchun.

Deputy Chairman ZHENG extended a welcome to the guests on behalf of Chairwoman JIN Nuo and President LIU Wei, and thanked Qingdao for its support of RUC over the years, talking the opportunity to give the guests a run-down on recent developments at the University. He noted that the previous agreement that RUC signed with Qingdao had brought great benefits to both sides, such as regarding personnel training and developing think tanks, and expressed hope that in the future the agreement will continue to bring out the best in both sides, and promote ‘win-win’ development.

Following, deputy Minister JI thanked RUC for the assistance it has given to Qingdao over the years, and then briefed deputy Chairman ZHENG on recent developments in Qingdao. He noted that Qingdao had been developing well, and that the total value of production had entered the ‘trillion club,’ making it one of China’s most important cities. He concluded by affirming that Qingdao attached important its relationship with RUC, and hopes that this relationship will continue to grow into the future.

During the meeting, both sides held discussions on what concrete measures they would implement as part of the strategic cooperation agreement.


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