RUC Receives Recognition as One of China’s Leaders in Swimming Instruction
(2017-03-06 08:03:09)

Recently, the China University Sports Association’s Swimming Division held their 2016 meeting at Hunan Normal University. All in all, 64 universities were represented, including RUC, Nanjing University, Beijing University of Industry, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Fudan University.

At this meeting honours were given to over 40 organisations and individuals. Among these, RUC received the honour of “2016 China University Sports Association, Swimming Division – Distinguished Organisation.’

RUC is enthusiastic about sports in general, and in particular its swimming program. In 2001, when the RUC swimming pool was first opened, swimming was incorporated as a core component of the physical education program. In 2012, RUC reformed the physical education curriculum, stipulating that all students must participate in swimming lessons for at least one semester during their four years of undergraduate study, pushing it from an elective course to a compulsory part of university education. Furthermore, in recent years RUC’s achievement in swimming has been exceptional, taking out the Beijing tertiary institution championships every year from 2012 to 2015.

This semester RUC will hold 54 swimming classes, in total 1292 will take part in these classes.

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